Sunday, March 1, 2009


Today was Sunday and between being alone again with the girls and church it was a hard day. Let me tell you, since our family joined the military I have a new appreciate for single people, of all ages. Going to church, dropping off the kids and walking in alone is depressing. When my husband is gone I just don't want to go. Then when I do, I cry over every little thing! Oh well. Next sunday we will be back together! Hopefully this time tomorrow we may be together! My friends husband checked and they are planning to return tomorrow!
The girls and I had a good day here. We went to lunch, bought groceries and did some cleaning. We also got some things ready for Korea. They were big helpers for me! Now I just need tomorrow to get here and pray that my husband is home!!

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Trinka said...

Hint for the person attending church alone ...

Sit at the front. Then you don't have to watch all the couples cuddling while you're trying to think about God. ;)