Sunday, March 8, 2009


You will have to imagine hearing our four year old speak. She kinda has a lispy voice and does mispronounce a few things. Today she was in the kitchen and was cheering and yelling "Go Fire Flies". What you hear, "Go Thire Thiles!" Adorable! Later we were driving to a bookstore and she asked, "Do butterflies have feet?" Anyone know the answer?
We took the girls to White Castle for lunch. They are convinced of two things.
1. White Castles is where REAL princesses go to eat.
2. White Castles is having a circus!

The princess thing is self-explanatory, but the circus is funny! We got our tray and there were two slips of paper advertising the circus coming to town. They asked and we said, "Oh those are coupons for the circus coming to town." Our oldest says, "Man, I bet they have to move all the tables and that only 1 elephant can fit in here." The youngest said, "Yeah, 'cause more than 1 would mash the whole place up." It was so funny!


Trinka said...


Any chance you'll be bringing them up here int he next month? The greenhouse at Meijer Gardens is full of butterflies right now. :)

Kristen & Cliff said...

No. Cliff cannot take any leave so we are here till prob. July!