Tuesday, March 17, 2009

lookie here

I know it is common knowledge that I have the best husband ever, but just in case you did not know.... here is further proof! Look what he got me! I am real excited! I have NO clue how to sew but am excited to learn. I am being brave and posting my first thing I made which was a napkin. It is pretty rough but since I have never even touched a machine before I was still pleased! If you have any sewing ideas/advice, comment away!


Stacey said...

That looks great!! Can't wait to see more :-) I finished one dress and am working on another...pics soon.

Trinka said...

Good job Kristen!!!!

I love to sew, but I find it a hassle to haul out all the stuff, then put it all away again, so I don't do much of it anymore.

If you pick a real basic skirt, it's one of the easiest pieces of clothes to make, and you get to wear it when you're done. Choose an elastic waist or a wrap-around ... zippers (and sometimes pockets) are a pain. :)

And clothes for you will be LOTS easier than clothes for the girls ... little stuff is always harder.

Hope you'll keep showing off your creations!

Belinda said...

How sweet! Perfect for sewing diapers :)

Bon said...

Couple things about sewing--patterns explain almost everything, the ladies at the fabric shops/sewing places (JoAnn's) are a wealth of information. Trinka is right,little things are way harder but if you practice on things for you you will get pretty good fast. For the girls things like summer dresses with straps rather than inset sleeves would be a good start. Nice present!

Anonymous said...

Good job Kristen. I hope you enjoy
sewing as much as I do. Your machine looks nice.