Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Tonight the girls and I were eating dinner and the youngest asked me what ants ate. We went through a litany of items that they would eat. Then she says, "Well, when they are so tiny how do they do things they do like sleep?" We talked about that for a little bit. Then she asks, "Do ants have ears?" Where does she come up with this stuff? I need to quit blogging and google the answer.


Trinka said...

She does LOVE the outdoors, doesn't she?

Did you know you can get ant farms, where they can watch the critters build tunnels, etc. inside a plastic box?

Kinda fun, cheap, and disposable when you move (though you wouldn't want to tell them that ... you could "set them free") :)


Luke said...

How did we learn stuff before Google? [smile] I imagine it was a much slower process...


The Housers said...

You guys should rent "A Bug's Life" and watch it.