Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

The pictures in the previous post are from our belated Christmas celebration with my parents and sister. Also, there are the photos of our new couch and love seat, the doll house all set up in the play room and the collection of chapstick that our 5 year old has! I hope you enjoyed them. I also hope that you all welcome in the new year safely and in good health.
Oh yes! There are also photos from a really cool place that we took the girls called Pizza Tower. If you are ever near one, you must take your kids there! It was such a fun meal! Each child gets a lump of pizza dough to play with. Each child also gets a small cup of ice cream to eat. They had chalk boards and a game room. The food was yummy and we all loved playing the dough. Our oldest made a "dough man". Neat place to visit and there are several in the U.S.!


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Princess Walking

My oldest daughter and I were walking through a bookstore yesterday trying to locate a bathroom for her. She had her hand in mine but wasn't "holding" my hand. I curled her little fingers around my hand and said, "There. Now you are holding my hand." She uncurled her fingers and informed me that, "Princesses do not hold hands. They just stretch out their arms and let people hold it for them."
Later I walked down the hall and our youngest comes running towards me furiously flapping her arms and she yells, "I'm trying to fly but my wings won't let me." It was so cute and made even cuter because she looked like she really thought she could fly if she flapped hard enough! =)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sugar Rush

Our Christmas was WONDERFUL! It was relaxing, the girls were good and all presents were loved! You can see the girls enjoyed getting some candy. The oldests eyes crossed when I told her she could eat the whole bag today! The youngest was eating a 3 foot gummy snake in her picture. Their big gift was the doll house and it is huge! They have to use stools to reach the third floor. The temperature actually got into the 60's here. So we headed out today for a walk and to toss a ball around. For our dinner we had a Favorites. Since it was the 4 of us I made everyone's favorites. All of us picked one dish. It was great and may be a new tradition here!
Last night we were driving along and the girls were talking about their Christmas morning surprise. They were planning to sing their "Oh yea! It's Christmas!" song for daddy while jumping on him to wake him up. But they wanted it to be a secret. So we are driving home from the movie and the oldest said, "Daddy, we have a surprise for you. You can't guess. It is NOT singing and you have never heard us, uhhhh, do it before." My husband and I barely contained our laughter! It was so stinking adorable!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

Today was great! We slept in and had a lazy morning here. We were looking for something to do and checked out They are a Christian place that does IN-DEPTH reviews on music, movies etc... So, we found the review on "Tale of Deseraux". It sounded appropriate so we loaded up and headed off to see it! I think it was done by Pixar who I think is owned by Disney, but no matter, it was GREAT! They were ZERO innuendos and next to no name calling. The theme of the movie? Forgiveness. Also, a lot of the characters are nice and they all say they are sorry. The girls loved it and we did too. Kinda made you want to stand up and cheer for another movie that is clean and wholesome! If you have kids or just want an hour or so of cute entertainment go see it. You will not be sorry and maybe Hollywood will get the message that we WANT theses movies where people do not say "stupid", "Idiot" etc.
Obviously I added some new photos. You can see the girls enjoying their first airport and airplane experience. Their Michigan grandparents gave them those Dora backpack things and they were lifesavers. They never tired of pulling them along. In fact we went down some moving sidewalks and the oldest just walked right off the end and kept going like she was born in an airport pulling a suitcase. My husband said she looked like a mini-stewardess!
There are more pictures of picking oranges and playing with Kona (the big dog). The girls ADORE Kona. She pretends not to enjoy them much but when the girls were paying attention to the horses you should have seen her try and distract them! =) She is just acting and I bet she misses them (and the peanut butter and treats they were always giving her) =)
I cannot even begin to remember all the funny things that happened while we were in Florida but I can tell you that our girls were incredible. They never once complained about late nights or anything. They were troopers and yes, they did get spoiled quite a bit! It was great and a wonderful way to spend the days before Christmas.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

More pics from Florida

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Planes, Trams and Disney!!!!

Now to put some words with the photos! You will see the girls. We were with my husband's dad, step-mom and her mother. Her mother is 96 years old and there is a photo of her in the middle. She is amazing! She is 96 and this was her first visit to Disney and that was how she looked all day long! She was just as cute as the girls were. There are pictures of the girls picking oranges, feeding horses and Disney. During the trip they rode golf carts, planes, ferry boats, trams and multiple rides at Disney. At Disney they rode Astro Orbiter, Small World, Carosel, Jungle Cruise, Tea Cups, Magic Carpet ride, saw 2 parades, went into the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House and Tom Sawyer's Island. We had perfect weather and a perfect vacation. The girls were SO well-behaved, our flights went well and we had great time with our family! We had some wonderful meals and a lot of relaxing. We got in the hot tub, fed horses several times, fed fish, toured their properties, rode in golf carts (including an accidental driving by the girls and an intentional driving by me), we hand picked oranges from their trees and brought them back to make FRESH squeezed juice, discovered a cute little town, went to Disney and had a total blast! I think more stories will come out, but I am tired right now!