Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lawyer Wanna-be

Our oldest daughter has always been able to argue well. It can be downright maddening! Today she was in trouble for pestering her little sister, who was playing with the eye toy. I told her if she could not let her little sister have her computer time then she would lose hers. You can guess what happened. She ran screaming to her room. I went to check on her and see if she was ready to talk. Here is our conversation. "Are you ready to talk? Have you been thinking?" "Oh, yes and what I think is that I am staying in here all day long unless you say I can have my computer time." Wow. "Well, that is a long time. But it is your choice you have already lost your computer time for the day. If you decide you want to apologize and come play with us come find me." It took about 2 minutes and she came out. Once she learns the art of compromise we will be in big trouble!!! =)


Trinka said...

Oh dear oldest ... you don't realize that, if you are being cranky, threatening to deprive others of your presence is NOT a good ultimatum. :)

Glad she didn't choose to stick to her guns though!

Anonymous said...

Wait til the oldest is a teenager!
I would like to have a story read to me on the phone.
Have a great trip!