Friday, December 19, 2008

What a cheetah eats

Yesterday this was overheard in our van.
Oldest: "What are going to fee Little Cheetah?"
Youngest: "Here. I will give your Little Cheetah a carrot."
Oldest: "Cheetah's don't eat carrots. They live in Africa and only drink lake water and eat deers."
Youngest: "Oh, well here's a deer for him."
Oldest: "You cannot hold a whole deer it is too heavy for you."
Youngest: "Oh. Well, it's not the whole deer I just scraped all the skin off into a pile for him."
Oldest: "Oh. Thanks! Now can we get some lake water?"
Youngest: "Yes. Here."
Oldest: "That's not lake water."
Youngest: "Oh. Here you go."
Oldest: "Thanks."
Funny stuff. Especially considering that unlike my cousin with 9 children, they have NOT been raised in the country and have never experienced their dad hunting or anything. So I have no idea where all this comes from, but I found it hilarious!
Also, I need to blog about my husband and his rather anti-Christmas attitude. I asked him recently why he hates Christmas. He told me he doesn't hate Christmas. I find that strange because he HATES all Christmas music. He says every singer of it sounds drunk. He is appalled over lights and all the time people spend putting them up. He groans about bringing in our tree and ornament boxes. So, I am not quite sure what he actually likes about Christmas. He refuses to shop after December 1st. Does not like wrapping presents and moans pitifully if I even hint at a Christmas craft show or something. But he says he likes Christmas. Well, I never ask him that in front of the girls or anything but evidently that have noticed. The other day the oldest asked me why Daddy does not like Christmas stuff. I told her he did and she said, "oh." Last night I asked him to drive us home the long way so the girls could see some lights. They were exclaiming "LOOK!" over an over in loud voices over every little light or big decoration. It was very cute! My husband started joining in and the oldest says, "Daddy I did not know you liked Christmas lights like all of us?" He said, "I LOVE Christmas lights don't I?" Complete and total silence. I think the jury is still out on that one!!! =)
Tonight we all be on a plane heading towards Florida! None of us can concentrate right now!! I cannot wait to see what the girls do!


Trinka said...

How cute!

How much do the girls know about what's happening?

It's a good day to go to Florida ... it's snowing so hard here that I can barely see the other side of the parking lot. Not only are the schools closed, but so are a lot of businesses!

Kristen & Cliff said...

Yikes! Cliff told them we are going to Disney, but they have nothing to compare it to and do not understand what it will be like!

themusicks said...

Hope you guys are having a magical vacation. It's so pretty there at Christmastime. We can't wait to hear about it.