Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

Today was great! We slept in and had a lazy morning here. We were looking for something to do and checked out They are a Christian place that does IN-DEPTH reviews on music, movies etc... So, we found the review on "Tale of Deseraux". It sounded appropriate so we loaded up and headed off to see it! I think it was done by Pixar who I think is owned by Disney, but no matter, it was GREAT! They were ZERO innuendos and next to no name calling. The theme of the movie? Forgiveness. Also, a lot of the characters are nice and they all say they are sorry. The girls loved it and we did too. Kinda made you want to stand up and cheer for another movie that is clean and wholesome! If you have kids or just want an hour or so of cute entertainment go see it. You will not be sorry and maybe Hollywood will get the message that we WANT theses movies where people do not say "stupid", "Idiot" etc.
Obviously I added some new photos. You can see the girls enjoying their first airport and airplane experience. Their Michigan grandparents gave them those Dora backpack things and they were lifesavers. They never tired of pulling them along. In fact we went down some moving sidewalks and the oldest just walked right off the end and kept going like she was born in an airport pulling a suitcase. My husband said she looked like a mini-stewardess!
There are more pictures of picking oranges and playing with Kona (the big dog). The girls ADORE Kona. She pretends not to enjoy them much but when the girls were paying attention to the horses you should have seen her try and distract them! =) She is just acting and I bet she misses them (and the peanut butter and treats they were always giving her) =)
I cannot even begin to remember all the funny things that happened while we were in Florida but I can tell you that our girls were incredible. They never once complained about late nights or anything. They were troopers and yes, they did get spoiled quite a bit! It was great and a wonderful way to spend the days before Christmas.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

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