Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sugar Rush

Our Christmas was WONDERFUL! It was relaxing, the girls were good and all presents were loved! You can see the girls enjoyed getting some candy. The oldests eyes crossed when I told her she could eat the whole bag today! The youngest was eating a 3 foot gummy snake in her picture. Their big gift was the doll house and it is huge! They have to use stools to reach the third floor. The temperature actually got into the 60's here. So we headed out today for a walk and to toss a ball around. For our dinner we had a Favorites. Since it was the 4 of us I made everyone's favorites. All of us picked one dish. It was great and may be a new tradition here!
Last night we were driving along and the girls were talking about their Christmas morning surprise. They were planning to sing their "Oh yea! It's Christmas!" song for daddy while jumping on him to wake him up. But they wanted it to be a secret. So we are driving home from the movie and the oldest said, "Daddy, we have a surprise for you. You can't guess. It is NOT singing and you have never heard us, uhhhh, do it before." My husband and I barely contained our laughter! It was so stinking adorable!!!

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Trinka said...

Oh, how sweet!

I love the "this is what we're NOT going to tell you" system. It happened a lot when we were hiding things from each other in Florida. :)

Was oldest able to keep her gift for youngest a secret until Christmas? I know she was fairly bursting to give it to her!

Snap some pictures of the doll house, when you get a second!

So glad you had a good day. Hope the sugar doesn't affect the weekend too badly.