Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Just like my dad

This afternoon my husband came home for a two hour break. We were watching the girls play and just enjoying them. All of a sudden I was holding our four year old and patting her on the back. She burped. I said, "Hey! Look! The baby burped!" She did it again. And again. Accident? I think not. At age FOUR she has learned how to swallow air like my dad and make herself burp. All I can say is "Thanks a lot dad. She is just like you." =) And we love her and you too! =)
Other news, we started Upwards tonight. They both had fun! The oldest played basketball and the youngest cheerleading. After the basketball practice she asked me what my favorite part was. I told her when she scored a goal and watching her do running races. I asked her what her favorite part was. She said, "When I scored my goal and looked over and you were clapping and giving me a thumbs up." Golly she sure is cute!


Trinka said...

Oh dear ... burping on demand ... SUCH a useful skill for a delicate little girl. :)

Glad the basketball & cheerleading went well! Pictures! Must have pictures. :)

Anonymous said...

Kristen, this is Pam again from Times-News, Hope your all doing great.. Were still keeping up with the blog daily, I am so excited for you all to get to go to Disney! You will ALL have a blast!

I was wondering if there is anyway you could call in here at work. Susan Hilton is needing some information and I thought it might be easier than posting it here.
Keep up the good work...