Friday, April 4, 2014

Growing Up

The other night we finished dinner and chores and all headed outside to enjoy some nice weather.  I grabbed my camera and am so thankful I did.  The lighting was perfect and I got some great candid shots of our family.

First up is Jack.  He was rocking his pjs while we all played outside.  Since he is a Winter baby this is his first time to truly get to PLAY outdoors.  He is learning to love it!

Next up is Grace.  This is classic Grace.  She is always moving, running, dancing and flipping.

Then we have Benjamin.  I had a hard time getting a shot of him.  But I loved this one of him playing with Sissy.

Then we have Kayla.  She is my hardest child to photograph but I happened to snag this photo of her.  It takes my breath away.  I cannot believe this beautiful girl is ours and that she is almost 11!

And lastly, is my husband!  His family has the tendency to ALL close their eyes every time a camera is brought out.  So we worked for about 10 minutes to get this. LOL!

Happy Friday!