Tuesday, March 25, 2014

It's been almost a year

I doubt anyone is even around any more to read this blog.  No big surprise! I have not blogged in almost one year.  I could list all the reasons but basically they all involve time. Life with 4 kids is fun and busy.  Plus I am now the Social Media Manager for Wilton Armetale.  PLUS a blogger over at Mudpies and Tiaras.
Anyways, I want to get back into this personal blog.  And to start I want to share some stories about Benjamin.  He is a joy.  He is so unlike any of us!  He is a comedian and cute a bug!
Here a few snippets of his life over the past few days.

We got some baby chicks so we can start getting our own organic eggs.   He named his chicks....Windmill and Donald Bennett! Donald Bennett??? No one knows where he got it. Ha!

He was singing "The Wheels on the Bus" like this....."The driver on the bus says 'gimme your money, gimme your money, gimme your money'. The driver on the bus says 'gimme your money or I will spank you.' ". Hmmm...bus driver is an blackmailer evidently!

The other night I had beans as part of our dinner.  He sat there fussing and saying "I don't like beans. These are gross."  We told him he did not have to eat them.  He said, "But I want to."  So he tries a bite and says, "These are great! I love beans! Beans, beans. beans!"

Finally, he wants to go on a date with Nana and Gampy.  Guess what his activity of choice is....pig washing. LOL! He wants to go wash pigs with them!  I have no idea how, but my parents are going to try and make it happen.