Sunday, June 29, 2008

Back to work

My husband reports in tomorrow morning for work! He is excited and nervous (we both are). I will be anxious to hear how it goes.
The girls and I are going to spend the day hanging out here at the new place and playing outside etc! Hopefully it will be pretty here again! Today we attended a church here in town and it was nice. Then we came home to some yummy homemade bread! It was very relaxing! Then we decided to go exploring and we went to the nearest big city and shopped! We found a huge mall, drank a Godiva chocolate drink and ate at the Cheesecake Factory! It was a great day! We bought the girls the first book of Little House on the Prairie and they really seemed to love reading it with us tonight. That's about it for now!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Settling Down

We are now 95% unpacked and settling into our new place here. My husband has to return to work on Monday. We are all sad about that! For those of you who don't know we are going to be moving to Korea sometime in the year 2009! We are totally and completely excited about it!!!!!!! I am dying for extra funds to go blow on books about Korea but my husband keeps insisting that is frivilous! =)
No real big news though. Nothing crazy has happened here. Hopefully now that we are settled I can resume regular blogging again!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Great day!

I had my most wonderful massage PLUS a protein smoothie this morning and my husband kept the girls. We ate lunch at Pizza Hut for $12 because they were having a special. Then we took the girls in their cute dresses to a fountain downtown and you can see for yourself the fun they had! It was one of my favorite family moments ever! Then we all hit the mall. Nothing much to report after that! Now they are playing in their room and we are watching TV TOGETHER! Like I said, it was a great day!

Fun at the fountain

Did I mention I have the BEST husband ever?

I was at the gym on Friday and called him to ask him to come pick me up. He told me he needed me to do something while he and girls drove to come get me. He kept me on the phone an had me walk across the street, through some alleys, across some grass and into a door. A door that led into a Spa. A ladies spa. Where there was a card for me giving me a 30 minute massage and a free smoothie!!!! Yep. He rocks THAT much!!!! They were a little over booked so I actually go this morning at 11:00. I cannot wait!!!! You wanna talk about brownie points????? I think I could have bought him ANOTHER motorcycle for that! =)
For the moment, we are sitting here listening to girls play. They are so darn cute! The 5 year old is calling her doll "Malariel" and they are singing about how much they love being mommies and the youngest keeps chiming in, "but I really love being a kid..." Too cute!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

God and Butterflies

Heard the other day in our van. "Mommy, are the clouds God's ceiling or his floor?" What would you have said? I answered her that it was his floor and she was pleased with that answer!
Yesterday when we told the youngest that we were going to garden and would see LOTS of butterflies she asked, "Can we pet them?" I said we could. Then she asked, "Will they not bite or bit?" I said that of course they wouldn't. Then she looked and saw I had 2 extra shirts and she wondered why I was bringing those. I told her it was in case they got their shirts dirty. She said, "Oh, because of all the butterfly pettin'?"
Kids and butterfly pettin', it just doesn't get much cuter than that.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Today was a random beautiful day here! The weather was exactly what you want if you are planning a special day with your family (which we were!)! We started off by having a yummy breakfast with my husband's mom and sister. Then we took the girls to this garden. The most beautiful garden I have ever entered in my entire life!!! The sky was blue, the weather warm but breezy, my husband by my side and the girls looking cute! We had a great time! Then we explored a little town, had some ice-cream and then came back and all went swimming. It was wonderful and the most relaxed we have been in quite awhile.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I know I said we were moving tomorrow but we were wrong. Or someone was! We are here for at least 5 more days.
I will keep you posted!
In other news, I needed to blog about our three year old. The other day were driving around and she says, "Does God use Glue?". I asked her what she meant. She said, "Well how do things like trees and grass stick to the ground?" Wow. That was amazingly deep and thoughtful! I answered her and explained what roots were. She then asked about bushes. Smart and cute little thing!
Today my husband graduated from OCS and is an officer in the United States Army!! I was not sure what to expect from the ceremony, but it was amazing! Seriously, the emotions it invoked were so inspiring! All the hard stuff from OCS faded to background as I remembered THIS is why (partly) we chose this tough career. For our country and all that encompasses. I did not expect to get emotional but I was crying. It was extremely cool (for lack of a better word). Not mention that my husband looks positively DASHING in his Class A's! =)
Another fun part of the day was spending the day with his mom, sister, dad and stepmom! we got to all hang out all day, and yes, I must admit I did enjoy being spoiled by all of them =). It made an awesome, life changing moment even better to share it with our family!

On the road again

Today my husband graduates and will be a 2nd Lieutinent in the United State Army. I could not be more proud of him! We are all excited and his family is here in town which is very good too!
We will however be MIA for a few days. We got notice yesterday afternoon that we need to move tomorrow. Yep. You read that correctly! So after the ceremony we get to load out little moving truck and clean the apartment! I will check in as soon as we manage to find a place to live!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Feeling guilty

I am feeling a tad guilty about my lack of blogging here. A lot has taken place over the last few days. To start, we are now the parents of a FIVE year old and a three year old! Also my husband is living with us and we celebrated Father's Day.
It feels so good to be a family under one roof. It is possible that by the end of the day we may even know when and where we are moving to! That would be a miracle! He graduates in 3 days and we have no idea when or where we are moving! It is crazy! I have been praying that when he comes home it will be with dates and answers for us!
Other than that, my husband spoiled ME all day on Fathers Day! He bought me a helmet so that he could take me on his new motorcycle some day, he took the girls out for about 4 hours so I could have some down time (and packing time) AND he came home with a massaging chair back for me!! I said, "Wait! It's Father's Day." He looked at me and said, "You deserve this more than anyone I know." He is really THAT sweet!!! The girls had a great day with him and they are so sad that he is at work this morning! I did bake him some homemade bread and chocolate chip cookies, plus he has his new motorcycle!
His family will be here in a few days but I will try and post a little something here and there!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Moving day

Yep. Moving day tomorrow. As in MY HUSBAND IS MOVING IN WITH US TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are all so excited! I feel like I will be unable to sleep tonight! By bedtime tomorrow we will be a complete family again. Ahhhhhhhhh.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


This week has been crazy busy! Today was great though! We got to meet my husband for a cup of coffee, both girls took a nap and THEN the baby sitter called and said she could come watch the girls for us! So, my sweet hubby and I has a date tonight! We ate Chinese and did some shopping for a sweet little girl who will soon be 5! Tomorrow some friends are flying in and we have a doctors appointment to go to early. Make sure you go to the left and go to the happyhappyocs blog and read what my hubby wrote!! SWEET!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Our poor four year old had to go to the doctor this morning and she has a urinary tract infection. She has not been a real happy camper today and I cannot blame her. It breaks my heart. I had these so often when I was younger and remember the pain that came with it. I would have paid someone to take her potty when it was hurting. Those big blue eyes just kill me. Knowing you cannot help her hurts like crazy. The medicine seems to be helping a little already though.
Other news is the girls were cute today! They had their little bathroom stools in the living room and we standing on them and twirling and posing. I said, "Are you girls Ballerinas? Teachers?" They said "No, we are invitations!!!!!" Then I realize that while they are posing they are shouting, "Come on in!" I thought they were both brilliant and hilarious!
Also, we found out that we should close next week and that we can do it through Fed-Ex! So that means we do not have to make an extra trip!!! Yea!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

10 days left

10 days left and my husband will be an officer in the U.S. Army. It seems so hard to believe the time is here. I feel like a totally different woman than I did when he first walked away from us into the recruiting office. By far the hardest moment of my life.
Now we are 4 nights away from him moving back in with us! Words cannot express me excitement at this great news!
Hopefully in the next 2 weeks we will close on our house, our oldest will turn 5 and we will attend my husband's graduation ceremony!
Tomorrow we are off to the doctor because our almost 5 year old is sick.
Also, my friend guessed the Army lingo! "Hitting the rack with my wooby" means "going to bed with my poncho liner"!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Say what???

My husband just called to inform me that he is "Hitting the rack with the wooby". Yes, I know what it means. No, I am not upset, scared, sad or angry. The question is, do YOU know your military lingo and can you translate! =)

Our day

Our day started off very sadly. We had just picked my husband up and our phone rang with an unknown number. I told him to answer and watched his face fall as he learned that his last remaining grandpa had passed away during the night. He spent a lot of time with his grandpa when he was younger. Hanging out with him on their farm, tagging along as his grandpa (a vet.) made house calls and playing with the cows and other animals they had running around. It made for a bad ending to my husband's tough week.
On a more positive note we did have a good day together and he got his early Father's Day present. I will let him tell you about that on his blog!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Don't wanna

Go to bed is what the youngest told me and then started crying. Well I look and she has these little tears streaking down and she closely watching herself in the mirror. I said, "Are you trying to make yourself look sad?" She bursts out laughing and at the same time these HUGE snot bubbles come stringing out. All 3 of us were rolling!!!! It sounds gross but it was SO funny and a great note to end the evening on!


I was just informed that my husband will be OFF tomorrow from 12-9!! It's not overnight but we will have 9 blissful hours together to be a family! Yea!!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's a good thing...

That my morning started with a laugh because I am NOT laughing now. The oh so lovely PERSON in charge of my husband company (see post titled ANGER) has cancelled their weekend and who knows? We might not even be allowed to talk till next week sometime. To make it even better we still have no orders. I guess I am off to the video store later to rent a movie where families are actually together and you know talking and stuff.

Weather Girl

My morning has started off with a BANG! I was laughing so hard I was crying and I tried to call my mom and share my moment but she could not understand me because I was laughing so hard! Probably no one will find this as funny as I did, but I am still enjoying a chuckle at the expense of my sweet four year old. We were snuggling on our futon and watching the tail end of Super Readers. She said, "Mommy, this morning when I was flipping channels I passed the weather channel and decided to flip back. The man said we could expect big thunderstorms and rain to be moving in today." I was rolling! See, you probably are not laughing but I still am! If you could have seen her and heard her voice and the way she giggled along with me. It was great and even if no one else is laughing with me!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

No imagination? Yeah. Right.

While my sweet husband was out being miserable in the field he happened upon two guys having a discussion about kids. They were both fathers and both were saying how hard it is being away from the kids and their wives. He heard them talking about how all the want to do is buy their kids things because they feel guilty and miss them. They then went on to say how they'd have to get video games because that is all kids do. "Kids these days have no imagination. All they do is play videos and X-Box". My husband said, "well not my girls". Today was further proof of that statement. I took the girls outside into the sweltering inferno. They spent TWO HOURS (slightly more) playing with NOTHING but two plastic shovels and one little bucket. They used their popsicle sticks to make castles, used water to make mud and gathered sticks, twigs, pine needles, pine cones etc. They had a blast and never once uttered the word "bored" and never asked for anything (other than more water for mud). They are amazing kids! And rest well tonight knowing that at least for some imagination IS alive and well and there ARE kids who have no idea how to play any video games at all!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Monstery Sounds

I have no real news or anything to blog about so I thought I'd just say that in 9 days our oldest will be 5. I am shocked! I cannot get over it! This time has flown by.
The other thing is when we driving around today the youngest said, "Did you hear that little monstery sound like (making monstery sounds)?" I said no. She said, "Well, it was me. I have a tiny little cold and it was my throat rattling." She is so adorable it should be illegal!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Fire Ants

As sad as we were to not have my husband here it was nice to get back to the gym and somewhat of a routine today. I took the girls outside for 3 hours and let them get covered in dirt and melted popsicle. We played outside with several neighbors. It was great fun! Then we went to see my husband for a few minutes and he needed us to bring some things for him. He was very frustrated and did NOT have a good day. We drove through Burger King to get the girls some dinner and him a big chocolate shake to brighten his day. We have this place we go outside his barracks. We call it "our rock". We go there at least once a week and sit on rocks watching the girls play. We go to our rock tonight to relax and cheer him up and we got attacked by fire ants!!!!!! I kept getting bit, but I always attract biting bugs. Then the youngest started crying and saying, "Something bad is happening on my foot." It was FIRE ANTS! I helped her and went to get her shoes, they were COVERED! I was going to leave them but my brave soldier got them and beat the daylights out of those ants. The ants were on their drinks and we all got bit several times. The girls said it was not very fun and we agreed.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


I got to spend two, count them, TWO whole night and days with my husband!!! It was so amazingly wonderful! We did a whole lot of nothing. We hung out, ate, drank coffee and after they were in bed we watched a really odd movie one night. Very fun! I will try and hit some highlights.
First was getting a call from him on Friday saying we could come get him! We all ate at 7 p.m. at Ruby Tuesdays and we went all out! He had a steak and I shared his salad etc. We ordered an appetizer and let the girls order Sprites! They each got their own meal and loved it!
Our youngest woke me up the next morning and said, "Mommy, am I going to Heaven soon and can Big Bunny come with me?" I told her she was not going anytime soon and her response? "Can you please tell God that?" It was creepy! She does that kind of stuff all the time. My husband said she is like a cheesy Hallmark movie that you just cannot stop watching!
Today the youngest woke me up again with eyes HUGELY round and worried and we discovered we were alone. About that time my husband and oldest returned with a surprise treat of doughnuts (of course Krispy Kreme)!
Then he was teasing the oldest later and said she better behave or Mommy might lock her in the closet. Poor little girl believes him and has a breakdown. Saying there are no toys in there. He had to apologize and tell her he was joking. We had many discussions about it, reassuring her it was a joke. Later she turns her big blues at me and says, "Daddy was teasing but he should not scare his little girls like that huh?"
As he was leaving the youngest gave him a rock to keep so he'd remember her and not feel sad!
One of the funniest things was when we were waiting for the library to open. There was about 30 people all waiting for the doors to open and 1 lady was in a wheelchair. The oldest said, "Oh! Look!!! Everyone is walking in now so it's open!" The youngest said, "And one is rolling!" What a cute way she has of seeing the world!
Now he is back for 19 more days of OCS and we are still waiting to see where and when we go next!!!!