Sunday, June 1, 2008


I got to spend two, count them, TWO whole night and days with my husband!!! It was so amazingly wonderful! We did a whole lot of nothing. We hung out, ate, drank coffee and after they were in bed we watched a really odd movie one night. Very fun! I will try and hit some highlights.
First was getting a call from him on Friday saying we could come get him! We all ate at 7 p.m. at Ruby Tuesdays and we went all out! He had a steak and I shared his salad etc. We ordered an appetizer and let the girls order Sprites! They each got their own meal and loved it!
Our youngest woke me up the next morning and said, "Mommy, am I going to Heaven soon and can Big Bunny come with me?" I told her she was not going anytime soon and her response? "Can you please tell God that?" It was creepy! She does that kind of stuff all the time. My husband said she is like a cheesy Hallmark movie that you just cannot stop watching!
Today the youngest woke me up again with eyes HUGELY round and worried and we discovered we were alone. About that time my husband and oldest returned with a surprise treat of doughnuts (of course Krispy Kreme)!
Then he was teasing the oldest later and said she better behave or Mommy might lock her in the closet. Poor little girl believes him and has a breakdown. Saying there are no toys in there. He had to apologize and tell her he was joking. We had many discussions about it, reassuring her it was a joke. Later she turns her big blues at me and says, "Daddy was teasing but he should not scare his little girls like that huh?"
As he was leaving the youngest gave him a rock to keep so he'd remember her and not feel sad!
One of the funniest things was when we were waiting for the library to open. There was about 30 people all waiting for the doors to open and 1 lady was in a wheelchair. The oldest said, "Oh! Look!!! Everyone is walking in now so it's open!" The youngest said, "And one is rolling!" What a cute way she has of seeing the world!
Now he is back for 19 more days of OCS and we are still waiting to see where and when we go next!!!!


Anonymous said...

I wondered if you had fallen off the edge of the earth. No blogging for 3 whole days! Glad you had a wonderful weekend.

Kristen & Cliff said...

Thanks!!!!! Yeah, I was a little busy to blog!!!! It was great!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your weekend sounds great! Happy
for you.
Love to hear about your time