Wednesday, June 4, 2008

No imagination? Yeah. Right.

While my sweet husband was out being miserable in the field he happened upon two guys having a discussion about kids. They were both fathers and both were saying how hard it is being away from the kids and their wives. He heard them talking about how all the want to do is buy their kids things because they feel guilty and miss them. They then went on to say how they'd have to get video games because that is all kids do. "Kids these days have no imagination. All they do is play videos and X-Box". My husband said, "well not my girls". Today was further proof of that statement. I took the girls outside into the sweltering inferno. They spent TWO HOURS (slightly more) playing with NOTHING but two plastic shovels and one little bucket. They used their popsicle sticks to make castles, used water to make mud and gathered sticks, twigs, pine needles, pine cones etc. They had a blast and never once uttered the word "bored" and never asked for anything (other than more water for mud). They are amazing kids! And rest well tonight knowing that at least for some imagination IS alive and well and there ARE kids who have no idea how to play any video games at all!


Trinka said...

Imagination has to be cultivated! I'm glad to hear you have a bumper crop growing at your house. :)


Anonymous said...

So nice to hear. They sound like
kids named Donna and Julia. Mud
was our favorite toy!