Monday, June 2, 2008

Fire Ants

As sad as we were to not have my husband here it was nice to get back to the gym and somewhat of a routine today. I took the girls outside for 3 hours and let them get covered in dirt and melted popsicle. We played outside with several neighbors. It was great fun! Then we went to see my husband for a few minutes and he needed us to bring some things for him. He was very frustrated and did NOT have a good day. We drove through Burger King to get the girls some dinner and him a big chocolate shake to brighten his day. We have this place we go outside his barracks. We call it "our rock". We go there at least once a week and sit on rocks watching the girls play. We go to our rock tonight to relax and cheer him up and we got attacked by fire ants!!!!!! I kept getting bit, but I always attract biting bugs. Then the youngest started crying and saying, "Something bad is happening on my foot." It was FIRE ANTS! I helped her and went to get her shoes, they were COVERED! I was going to leave them but my brave soldier got them and beat the daylights out of those ants. The ants were on their drinks and we all got bit several times. The girls said it was not very fun and we agreed.


Bon said...

:( fire ants. Blah.

So sorry it wasn't a good day for hubby too. Hope today is better.


Trinka said...

"not very fun" ... now THERE'S an understatement! :)