Monday, June 23, 2008

Did I mention I have the BEST husband ever?

I was at the gym on Friday and called him to ask him to come pick me up. He told me he needed me to do something while he and girls drove to come get me. He kept me on the phone an had me walk across the street, through some alleys, across some grass and into a door. A door that led into a Spa. A ladies spa. Where there was a card for me giving me a 30 minute massage and a free smoothie!!!! Yep. He rocks THAT much!!!! They were a little over booked so I actually go this morning at 11:00. I cannot wait!!!! You wanna talk about brownie points????? I think I could have bought him ANOTHER motorcycle for that! =)
For the moment, we are sitting here listening to girls play. They are so darn cute! The 5 year old is calling her doll "Malariel" and they are singing about how much they love being mommies and the youngest keeps chiming in, "but I really love being a kid..." Too cute!

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Trinka said...

How sweet is THAT?