Thursday, December 31, 2009


Our girls have a very cute misunderstanding about Robert. We discovered it the other day. They were discussing bad people and they said, "Roberts are bad." We don't really know anyone named Robert so we asked some questions and by "Roberts" they mean "robbers"! LOL! So cute!
Today is the start of a 4 day weekend for all of us! This will be my last blog of the year too! So, anyone made any resolutions?

Monday, December 28, 2009

I spoke too soon! mom also had a Christmas gift for baby 3! She got the cutest little outfits! (I posted pics!) Also a cute little towel! So now, I must add to my list of favorite Christmas gifts! I LOVE the gift she got for baby 3 and they got me a waffle maker and an electric tart warmer with Yankee candle tarts! Those items MUST go on my list! I have been wanting a new waffle maker for about 4 years. I have one and it works just fine, but it only makes 1 waffle at a time. My new makes FOUR at a time! Since we are about to be a family of 5, making 4 waffles at a time is SOOOOO much nicer! I was also very excited about my electric tart warmer! No more tealight candles to mess with!
My parents also got American Girl dolls for the girls. The Genius got Kaya and the Hippie got Kit! They LOVE them! Thanks Mom, Dad and sis!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Baby it's cold outside!

It is pretty chilly and windy here today, but thankfully the sun in out and streaming in through the windows!
Our house is back to normal and all the Christmas decor is put away safely in the attic. I was so thankful to get it done! Today we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of my parents and sister. They are coming here to deliver their gifts! It will be a short but fun visit! They are all spending the night and the girls cannot wait for them to get here! They got so wound up my hubby had to take them to the park to chill.
What did you get for Christmas? What was your favorite gift? I have two favorites so far. One, is the bottle of Vera Wang Princess perfume from my husband! I had never heard of it and I love it! The bottle is so pretty! My other favorite came from my mother-in-law. She got a gift for baby 3! It just meant so much to me that she thought of our baby-on-the-way. She got him/her a cute little elephant teether toy. I cannot find a link to the exact one, but it is blue and kinda looks like this.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!!
The musical nativity in these pictures is my $10 flea market find! It is beautiful and plays "Silent Night".
Have a blessed Christmas!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Christmas Laugh

Filling up the day

Christmas Eve is here! The girls were up earlier than normal (as expected). I have been pleased with how quickly the day has gone! We all got up (me much later than everyone else). My husband took the girls up to the track to let them burn some steam and so he could run. I stayed home and got the steaks marinating, the hashbrown casserole mixed and ready to cook, laundry started and cooked the hanky panky! It was so nice to get all that done. I made lasagna for lunch today. My husband then took the girls to the park and I walked on the treadmill. Later we are going around to look at Christmas lights and when we get back we read the story of the birth of Jesus and the girls set up out nativity. They are very excited and already planning which figurines they each want to do. I hope you are all having a great Christmas Eve!!!
Last night my husband and I had a date. We had planned to see a movie but when we got to the theater that movie was not showing. Soooo, change of plans! We ate at a yummy Italian place and each tried a new pasta so we could share. Then we walked around a plaza and looked at cloth diapers! We finished up by browsing through Target and renting a few dvds. We got "Four Christmases" for us to watch. It was funny, but not the best movie I have ever seen. All in all it was a great date and we had really needed that time. While we were gone the sitter baked homemade sugar cookies with the girls, drew snowmen and taught them to play hangman!
Merry Christmas Eve!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Yes, three more days til Christmas!!!!! It cannot come soon enough! The girls are waking up early and getting very antsy. Thankfully we have a sitter coming tomorrow afternoon so my hubby and I can can have some MUCH needed time alone! I am not sure what we will do, but it really does not matter! LOL!
Last night my husband read my previous blog post and took us all out to dinner at Chick-Fil-A! I got my grilled chicken fix and the girls ran off some steam! On the way home we drove past some new Christmas lights and enjoyed some good Christmas music.
Today we were supposed to be on our way to the attorney but evidently they are in another state stuck in snow and we had to reschedule. It was pretty frustrating since my husband had asked for the day off and all. He ended up going into work and I am left home with the girls. Normally this would be fine but since our morning routine was all messed up they are being very grouchy and have already lost their treat for the day. Next thing left to lose is computer time. It could be a long day ahead of me here. Thankfully my husband promised to take us all out tonight, maybe to the library.
3 days til Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

True Stuff

I got this link from my friend Belinda. She is pregnant with her fifth boy and we share a mutual pregnancy craving for Chick-Fil-A. My personal choice is a grilled chicken sandwich, waffle fries dipped in BBQ with a large ice water! I am not sure what she craves, but I will say every Sunday I drive by with regret that I cannot have it! LOL! This video made me and the girls laugh! Hope you enjoy it!!! 4 days til Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

This Year's Menu

5 days til Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We officially have our Christmas menu all planned out. Last year, I decided to start a new tradition. I let each of us pick our favorite dish (or what sounded good) and I made it. We ended up with a mish mash of food and we all loved it! This years menu is all set!
The Genius picked my marinated steaks.
The Hippie wanted ramen noodles and these cheesy crescent rolls I make (since they are EASY I let her have both. Plus in all fairness to her we all devour the rolls I make).
I picked a hashbrown casserole my mom always makes and hanky panky (I got to choose 2 items because one is for the baby ;) ). The hanky panky will be an all day snack. I will have it warm in the crock pot all day.
My husband asked for mashed potatoes because he loves the steaks and loves potatoes with it!
A weird menu for sure, but everyone will be so pleased and they are all easy dishes! Most can be made ahead.
What is on your Christmas menu?

Last night we took the girls to a local live nativity. It was really cold so we were not able to stay long. They enjoyed it though! We woke up to a very small dusting of snow today and I know the girls were disappointed they could not play in it. However, the weather forecast does show a chance of snow for Christmas. In 5 days we will know for sure!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Sweetest Thing

First off, as of today we are 12 WEEKS PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It feels GREAT to make that milestone! Hopefully it won't be too much longer and I will start feeling the baby move! I love the second trimester!
Secondly, it is now 6 days til Christmas!!!!!!!!
Now, for the sweetest thing. My husband and I were hanging out last night after the girls were sleeping. We had had a great Friday night with them. Pizza and we watched parts of Elf with them. They were so sweet and fun and cute. I got up to go turn the tree lights off and thought I saw a little something in my husband's stocking. I peeked into it and there are some pieces of paper. Paper that belongs to the Hippie. She made him some notes or pictures (we did not peek at them). He was sitting on the couch getting all choked up. I looked in my stocking and, sure enough, she made some for me too. So now I am getting all choked up and ready to cry. She never even told us she did it and I think that is just about the sweetest thing ever.

Friday, December 18, 2009

One More Week til Christmas

We are all getting so excited for Christmas to get here! Everything is ready! The gifts are all wrapped and hidden away, the tree has been decorated for about a month and the Christmas music is playing non-stop! I just love it! I have seen so many people blogging about Christmas...the traditions, funny stories, memories, best gifts etc.. What is your favorite Christmas memory (or one of them)?
There is NO way i could just pick one so I am choosing this one to share today.
The Christmas of 2004 the Genius was about 18 months old and the Hippie was 3 months old. Since they were so little their big gift was a double jogging stroller. We got the Genius some toys and things but just got 1 gift for the Hippie. My parents had given her this really sweet little peach colored outfit and she was wearing it. I pulled her onto my lap and opened her gift for her. It was one of those squishy books. This one was Little Einsteins and one page there was a duck. The duck had a squeaker inside it. I was showing her each page and when I got to the duck I squeaked it. Right then and there, on Christmas day, she gave us her first laugh! Opening the only gift she had. It was so precious! She has not stopped laughing since and if you ask anyone who knows her? They will tell you that she STILL has a precious laugh and when you hear it you just have to smile and laugh too!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Can I have some water?

I had an interesting experience today... to say the least. When I take the girls for their Selective Mutism therapy once a week, we usually drive through McDonald's on the way. The timing is easier that way. Otherwise we eat lunch too early. I rarely have a problem at the McDonald's close to us. Today was the exception. I placed our order with the drive-thru lady. I ordered a large ice water (and place my emphasis on the large). I noticed she rang up a salad dressing. When I got to the window I asked about the .20 charge. She said that was to cover my large cup. Now, I had never been charged prior to this, but that was ok with me. I understand paying for the cup. Then she said, "Just make sure they do give you the large cup." I pull up and sure enough, I see 3 small drinks. I guess I should preface this by saying that since getting pregnant, I have really not been able to drink anything other than water. Maybe some orange juice, but mostly water. Plus the drive we are getting ready for is an hour long, so I need lots of water. When the girl hands us our drinks, I said "This was a large water." She says, "Well, we only give out smalls." I said, "Well, I was charged for it and the lady back there said to make sure it was really a large." So, the girl says, "Let me go ask." She disappears and the cars are piling up behind me. She comes back and says, "Nope. I'm right and we only give out smalls and charge for the medium." I said, "Well I have been given a large every time I have come here." She replies, "Well the large would actually cost you $1.00." I am fuming at this point and said, "Ok, well then I would like my .20 refund and I will keep my small water." She disappears AGAIN and comes back with.... a large ice water. Then snottily adds, "Next time you will have to pay for this." I was SO mad! So I called tonight and talked to a manager and found out I was right! Small waters are free BUT for .20 you can get a large or medium cup water. I felt so justified and just a tad sorry for the 20 cars that were stuck behind me. You just don't mess with pregnant ladies! =)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A little something to get you in the Christmas spirit!

My dad sent me this link and I think it is great! Hope you enjoy! It is short (under 3 minutes) and well worth it! Make sure you have your sound turned on so you can hear it.

Monday, December 14, 2009


Wow, so that completely makes me think of the sound track to "Fiddler on the Roof". What a great musical and full of wonderful songs! Def. a favorite of mine! My husband once surprised me on a date with tickets to a dinner theater to see it live.
Now, back to the reason of my post! My friend Kathlyn just had post on her blog about Christmas traditions. It made me wonder what all of you do for your Christmas traditions? If you have kids, do you play Santa? What tradition is your favorite?
I will share some of ours. Our Christmas traditions actually begin the day after Thanksgiving. Several years ago, my husband's sister began coming to our house for Thanksgiving. She has been coming every year since and it is now a tradition we all hope to continue. The day after Thanksgiving my hubby pulls out our tree and decorations. Around 3 in the afternoon, we crank up the Christmas music and start decorating. About mid-way through I usually order pizza. When we are done and the pizza arrives we eat around the tree with just the tree lights on. It is so much fun and actually a pretty relaxing experience! Of course, some branches so have about 8 ornaments on them, but we like the crowed look! Our next real tradition is passed down from my family. On the night of Christmas Eve in lieu of a book, we read the Christmas story of Jesus' birth from the Bible. While my husband reads it (usually by candlelight or tree lights) the girls act out the story with our nativity set. On Christmas Eve they also each open 1 gift which is always a new pair of pjs! They put them on and wear them to bed and all day on Christmas! On Christmas morning they wake us up by bouncing on our bed and singing to us. We all get up and come out and admire the tree and gifts. Then they watch me make homemade waffles! We eat them and stare at the gifts and talk about what we think we got etc. It is so fun and we all love the suspense! Then we all attack our stockings. After that we pass out gifts and when they are all distributed, we open going one person at a time. I love it!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Party all the Time

Yesterday was great! We took the girls to MOKI for 2 hours. It was the Christmas one and they came home loaded down with gifts! They each got a prize and a HUGE stocking filled with goodies! Then we went with some of our friends to a local church. They were having a community kids party. Each child got a nice present there! The Hippie got a Disney Barbie and the Genius got a Littlest Pet Shop toy. We went to a yummy Mexican place with our friends. All the kids were so good! That night, we had our church's Christmas party. They started by serving a wonderful dinner! Then they had childcare for the kids (our girls were the only kids!). The girls spent the next hour or so painting and markering and gluing and making a fun mess of ornaments for our already crowded tree! LOL! Then the workers had MORE gifts for the girls! Meanwhile, my husband and I got to be part a really fun and very rowdy gift exchange! After having several of our gifts taken =(, we ended up very happy with a Yankee Candle and a gift card to Cracker Barrell! We got home late and we were all pretty exhausted. Today we had church and tonight we are going to free concert with a live orchestra! It will be another late night, but I think it will be worth it!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Sneak Peek

Yesterday I got to get a sneak peek at our baby! It was so exciting! Even though this is our third baby, I never fail to be amazed at the experience. Right now our baby is a little over an inch long, but in about 2 more weeks it will be the size of an apple! I saw the heartbeat yesterday and saw the baby kicking their legs. It was so fun! Everything else at the appointment was fine. In fact, I was very happy with several things. 1. All the ultrasound gel was preheated. 2. The gowns were cloth. 3. My sheets were heated. 4. The bed was very low to the ground and then they raised it after you sat down. It was really nice! We go back in 6 weeks and at that point they will schedule our next ultrasound! Exciting times!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Winning Recipe!

Tonight was full of excitement at our house. Why, you may ask? Because I made a new recipe and everyone ate it! Now, cooking for my husband is no biggie. He eats almost anything. But the girls are picky. I do not cater to their pickiness. They get what we eat (at dinner time) and usually they don't much like it. Tonight they ate it and the Genius even had seconds! So I must share this recipe!
It is called "Confetti Spaghetti"

1 package spaghetti
1 pound ground beef (or other meat)
1 chopped green pepper (I used red)
1 chopped onion
1 can (14 1/2 oz) diced tomatoes undrained
1 can (8 oz) tomato sauce
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1 teaspoon each of salt and chili powder
1/2 teaspoon pepper
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper
3/4 cup shredded cheddar

Cook spaghetti according to package directions. Meanwhile, in a large skillet, cook meat, pepper and onion together until meat is cooked through. Drain and return to skillet. Stir is tomatoes, sauce and spices and mix well. Drain spaghetti and add it into the skillet and mix well. Transfer to a greased 13x9 baking dish. Cover and bake at 350 for 30 minutes. Remove and add cheese and cook for 5 more minutes.

It was so good! My husband said it is his new favorite and he is taking leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Let me know if you give it a try!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another giveaway

We are planning to use cloth diapers 100% with this next baby. So, I have been scouring the internet looking into it and quizzing my friends on what to choose. I have it mostly narrowed down. I was stoked to see giving away a $50 giftcard! We can use all the help we can get buying some cloth diapers. They are expensive to start but you quickly get your money back. If you have any diapers you want to sell, or any advice please post!

Free Nursing Covers

I found this website,, and they are doing free nursing covers again! I ordered one from them right after we found out we were pregnant. She offers this special several times a year. The nursing cover is free and you just pay $8.95 for shipping! The promo code is "Christmas". This is great if you are nursing, or plan to, or if you know someone who is pregnant. You cannot beat the price! No, I am not getting anything for posting this and I have no ties to the company, I just wanted to share a great legitimate deal!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Movie Night

Today was a very cold day here. The girls and I spent the whole day inside our cozy house. After dinner we made chocolate chip cookies and all snuggled up to watch "Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer". It was wonderful! When the movie was over we read stories and then put them to bed. It was such a great day! Now I am working on our Christmas cards. I have most my address book, if you want a card and letter make sure you get me your address! Have a great evening!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Quick Trip

My husband had a few days of leave time. We spent one day here at home just enjoying being together. Then we made a quick trip up to my parents. Their church was having Breakfast at the Manger. We had a great time! They watched the girls and let us go out to a movie. We saw "2012". It was cheesy but actually pretty good. They treated us to some yummy meals too. On Saturday we attended their Breakfast at the Manger. It is such a neat event! They heard the Christmas story about baby Jesus, ate pancakes, decorated cookies, made a nativity ornament, had their picture taken with Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus and got to pet some sheep and an alpaca! The trip ended much too quickly and now we are back home and facing a regular week. I am pretty excited though because I have my first real ob appointment this week! We will get an ultrasound and get to see the baby and hopefully hear the heartbeat!
Must add a funny quote I just heard from the girls.
H - "I'm taking a fun break."
G - "No fun breaks or you are out of the show."
H - "Fun break! Fun break!"
G - "Young lady, you are out of the show!"

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Our Sweet Girls

My husband and I started a tradition with our girls. When they were 2 we started giving them an allowance of $1/week. Their dollar got divided into 3 banks. 10% to Jesus, 10% to Savings and 80% for spending. We decided to have them save their Jesus money each year until Christmas and then we help them decided where to donate. This year they both chose to get an angel off the angel tree at our mall. We made that our goal of the morning. They easily decided on a girl but had trouble picking an age. Eventually they chose a 2 year old girl. I took them to a few stores and they picked out some clothes for her. The Hippie chose a cute shirt and some Christmas flannel pjs. The Genius chose a pretty dress and a shirt. We will help them get the rest of the things. They each had a real good time. I love doing it with them and building these memories and it is a great reminder to them of what Christmas is really all about. I also like the cashiers reactions. We get one of two reactions...
1. Total annoyance because I am pulling coins out of a small bank and counting them out.
2. Total amazement that our girls are doing this.
Today both cashiers were the second kind. One even came around and got down on the girls level and told them how neat it was and how blessed this little girl would be on Christmas. She complimented me and did not complain about the $20 some odd dollars of bills and assorted change we paid with.
This is one of the many, many reasons why I love Christmas and our girls!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

This and That

Today is a good day! My husband has Thursday and Friday off, so we get another 4 day weekend! Tomorrow he wants to do his Christmas shopping. Friday we are going to my parents for the night. Their church is having a real cool family Christmas event and we want to take the girls.
Yesterday was awesome! It was one of those days where the girls were just angels! I really do not remember ever having to fuss at them or ask them twice to do anything. They were great from the time they woke up until they went to bed! Today has started the same way and I hope it continues!
My mom gave me the book "Shade of Blue" by Karen Kingsbury. It was one of the best and most powerful fiction books I have ever read. It speaks a message to everyone from teens on up! If you are looking for a Christmas gift for someone and they like to read, I highly recommend this book.
Meanwhile, we read this book, "The Story of Me", with the girls. We were not sure if we wanted to or not, but it a great VERY age appropriate introduction to sex education. Even my husband was cool with it! We read it with the girls and they seemed to enjoy it. It helps open up the conversation with them. We KNOW they will be asking questions about the baby. Especially if the baby is a boy! The book does a nice job of explaining, without going into to much detail. It is an easy read. If you have wondered about doing this with your young children, it is a great resource.
We are 8 days away from my next ultrasound and I cannot wait to see this baby again! It is so comforting to see that heart beating! I am hoping this time they try and listen for it too so the girls can hear (and us of course!).
I better get off. We are off for our weekly therapy appointment!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First Reactions

Thanksgiving was so much fun! We were so excited and ready to tell our families that we are expecting again! My friend made us these cute felt numbers (1,2 and 3). The Genius wore the 1, the Hippie wore the 2 and I wore the 3. We came out to the living room where everyone was sitting. Someone (maybe my mom?) said, "oh look, they are wearing numbers." People kept talking and the Genius said, "Yeah, I have the one, she has the 2 and Mommy has the 3." Someone said, "Why are you wearing a 3?" The Genius said " 'cause there are 3 of us." At that point I think it hit my mom. She half stood and started screaming and crying and hugging. Everyone else figured it out from there! We had a mini celebration! Then I realized the poor girls had no idea what we were talking about! See, we had not told them either because they would NOT have kept it a secret. Someone told them and the Genius said, "Wow! Now I will have two people to take care of!" The Hippie said, "I hope it's a girl because boys are a little too wild for me." It has been so fun watching people react since then! We are very excited! I go in next week for my second ultrasound which will confirm the due date. The due date is July 3rd (on our predictions) but the doctor said June 26th. Either way I think the baby will be here in June. Now we have the wait until we learn the gender! As fun as the first reactions were, I am SO glad we waited and told our family in person and in that way!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Neat Contest

My friend is having another contest and I want to try and win this one. I lost last week on the beautiful tutu, but this one is also really neat! It is a nursing cover giveaway and I will be needing one! Visit here and enter for yourself, a friend or for me! Good luck!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I really hate to post this

But my super crafty friend is hosting another giveaway! This is one is great! If you have a girl 6 or younger, or know someone who does, you must go enter this! If you don't want it for yourself then enter for our girls! LOL! Seriously, you can. =) Anyways, here is the link. I am really hoping we win because the Hippie wants this for Christmas, but if we don't, I would at least like to go to someone we know because I want to see a cute little girl wearing this! I would LOVE to do a photo shoot with the girls wearing this. Anyways, I know a lot of my followers have girls...Miranda, Claire, head on over and enter!
Happy early Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sorry Dad

Only 3 people agree that you MUST have cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving! The official winners of the poll were Pumpkin Pie and Mashed Potatoes! I thought it was funny that those beat out the turkey! Our house is getting ready for the big day. A dear friend, sent us a thankful tree. Last night we put it up and the girls made their "thankful leaves". Today we have been busy cleaning. The guest room is ready and waiting for my hubby's sister to get here, in a little bit there will be homemade granola and pumpkin baking in the kitchen and tomorrow we brine the turkey! I am so excited for Thanksgiving!
What are you all having for your Thanksgiving menu? We are having turkey and ham, mashed potatoes, dressing, gravy, homemade rolls and cornbread, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie, cheesecake and oreo ice cream dessert. I think it is safe to say that no one will walk away hungry!
On a side note, I have loved listening to what our girls want for Christmas this year. Since they don't watch commercials they rarely ask for anything by name. The Hippie wants a fancy dress up item. The Genius wants a wagon to hook onto the back of her bike so she can pull things with it. We already know what we are getting them and I cannot wait to start shopping for it.
Anyways, I hope everyone has safe Thanksgiving travels and Happy early Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


I just love the curious nature of our girls! I love that they have not become squeamish over things that gross ME out! I must say, that since having kids, I do try and control my reaction because we want them to be curious. Today they were outside playing and the Hippie came tearing into the house with the cheeks flushed and her eyes all lit up and huffing and puffing she said, "You will never believe what we found in the yard! You have got to come see it! I think it's a bird and it is not flying or moving! It may be dead!" My brave husband tramps outside and found.... a dead bird. We have no clue how it died, but the girls were bouncing around and wanting to touch it. He let them and then scoured down their hands with soap AND Germ-Ex! They then had to run up to their room and get their HUGE book on birds and they spent the next 10 minutes trying to identify the species. I think at that point they got distracted by leaves blowing through the yard, but it was super cute! I hope they keep this curiosity for quite awhile. They sure make life fun!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Give Thanks!

At Girl Scouts yesterday the girls made a Thanksgiving craft. It is this really cute little turkey and each feather is something they are thankful for. I thought you would enjoy their respective lists.
Each list was completely their own ideas!
The Genius:
Her Sister
Little Presents

The Hippie:
Making Cards
Windy Days
Growing Gardens
Eating Turkey
Getting Presents
People Coming Over

Two pretty different and amusing lists from two pretty different sisters! They are each pretty accurate too! Very fitting for their personalities! Hope you all hae a great Friday!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Whash Dat?

I hope no one thinks I am cruel for this post but it was so funny to me! Yesterday I took the Genius in for her laser surgery. She cannot eat or drink anything for 12 hours before. Since we had to be there so early in the morning, she had to stop eating and drinking around 6 p.m. the night before. Needless to say, she arrived on a very empty stomach. After they had monitored her pulse and blood pressure awhile they brought her (What the nurses called) "Goofy Juice". I am not sure what it is. They said it has a small amount of tylenol in it though. They gave it to the baby in the "room" next to us and she fell asleep within 5 minutes. Not so for the Genius. She fought it tooth and nail and it was SOOO funny! Within 5 minutes of taking it, her words started slurring a little. Then (and this is where I got so tickled) she started seeing things. She said, "Mommy, you gotch 5 eysh". She also saw curtains waving, ceiling pieces falling and told the doctor "You gotsh 2 headth". He said, "That does seem to happen to us sometimes." She was quite entertaining to me! I sat there with her for an hour before they took her back! The surgery itself takes less than 10 minutes. We had a little trouble waking her up afterwards (because they give her laughing gas too). When she did wake the poor thing was so dizzy. We had to wheel her out in a wheelchair. Other than that, she did quite well and seems fine today! But I still say watching her with the "goofy juice" was real funny!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Thanksgiving just keeps looking better and better! These past few weeks have been so busy that Thanksgiving will truly feel like a vacation. We have not been busy with bad stuff, just school, lots of doctors appointments, oil changes that type of stuff. The girls therapist (for their Selective Mutism) is worried about them having to stop therapy if my hubby loses his job so she has been having us come A LOT! She has been doing more testing on them etc.... which means appointments lasting 2 hours plus the hour drive up and back. I am thankful though that she is so concerned for them and is doing extra to help us out if we have to stop therapy. Meanwhile, the Genius goes in tomorrow for her next surgery. She is actually excited for it this time! She really liked getting to wear pjs and slippers into the surgery center. She wore these cute cheetah ones (cause they have to be button up) and these cheetah slippers my sister bought her. She was quite the belle of the floor! All the nurses just oohed and aahed over her. Plus we have the first time nerves behind us. The doctor was true to his word and did not use any needles! The only thing she did not like was drinking the medicine. But they let her have a small sip of sprite afterwards and that seemed to help! =)
As for Thanksgiving, I am beyond excited for all out family to get here! We are going to have a full house! We have the menu planned out, the turkey is in the freezer and after this busy week is over I can start my cleaning and meal preparations! I cannot wait! Thinking about the meal makes me think of my dad and all the foods he HAS to have on the table for Thanksgiving to be real. Like that cranberry gel stuff? He has to have it but seriously eats 1 slice and we throw the rest away! It is a family joke now, but we do serve it every year! What is the one food you HAVE to have on Thanksgiving? Stop and vote on my new poll before you leave.

Friday, November 13, 2009

What is that boy doing?

Friday night is usually pizza night at our house. We usually make or pick up pizza and watch a movie together. Tonight we watched Little House on the Prairie. Specifically we watched Part 2 of "As long as We're Together". In this episode Walnut Grove has been closed by the evil railroad company. So, several of the families move to the blind school where Adam and Mary are working. If you recall, this is the show where they meet Albert. He is frequently seen stealing things from different people. At one point Mrs. Olsen sees Albert stealing some coins that some kids were gambling with. He says, "I'm with the church. Gambling is a sin." Later in the episode he steals something else. I asked the Genius. "What is that boy doing?" She said, "Stealing things for the church Mommy!" I love that kid!

You may think....

your husband is better than mine, but you would be wrong. =) Seriously, this morning I got breakfast in bed AGAIN! Then when I got out of bed, I saw that he had gotten the girls up and taken care of AND gone back and made our bed! Does it get any better than that? I love him SOOOOOO much!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Our girls like lady bugs. In fact, they sometimes, quite literally, love them to death. The Hippie really likes to find a ladybug and carry it in her hand. The other day she had one in her hand and was shaking it. I asked her what she was doing and she said, "Just letting her have some fun." She kept the ladybug and talked to her. As we got closer to my parents house she said, "I love this bug but I love Daisy (the cat) more, so when we get to Nana and Gampy's I will let Daisy eat her." Don't you love her philosophy?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Super Grandparents

Our girls are so lucky to have my parents as their grandparents! They love their Nana and Gampy SOOOOOO much! What exactly do my parents do that is so magical? Nothing. They just give our girls their time. Completely, freely and fully. They walk with them, laugh with them, talk to them and completely listen to every single answer our girls give (even when it is two at a time =) ). Our girls love spending time with Nana and Gampy and we know exactly why. Thanks Mom and Dad!!!!!
We love you all!

Monday, November 9, 2009

What my husband did

Do you know what he did this morning? I woke up to find breakfast in bed!!!! Complete with a pretty glass tumbler full of orange juice! 8 years of marriage and I love him more than ever!!!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I must confess that today we skipped church. My husband worked all day yesterday and during some of the night. He was released this morning around 9:30. So we decided to just stay home and enjoy our only day together. We ended up with a picnic at our favorite park. It was a wonderful day and even though we did not attend church, we did enjoy God's creation!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ponies and their names

I took the girls to a playland the other day, just to get out of the house for awhile. They each got a kids meal and inside was a pink pony with pink hair. The Hippie named hers "Aliss" (think A-list but leave off the T). The Genius named hers Alan. I said, "Oh, it's a boy?" She said, "No, what name did you think I said?" I said, "Alan." She said, "Yes, her name is Alan." Ooooookay then! =)
Later they were playing with a little girl who did not speak much English. (That works amazingly well for kids with Selective Mutism!) This little girl lost her pony in a crack. The Hippie said, "Wait, I have just the thing in my purse." She came and got bug pinchers (LOL!) out of her pink shimmer purse and both girls helped the little girl get her pony back. It was a fun trip!!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Christmas on my mind

Christmas. I love it! I love everything about Christmas! The music, the smells, the decorations, the music, gift giving, shopping, the music and of course the music! My girls are JUST like me. But my husband, well, he is almost the proverbial scrooge. He claims to like Christmas but he despises Christmas music. He likes the greenery but finds the lights silly. He cannot stand shopping, unless it is online and he really, really HATES the music! He loves the meal I make, the goodies and he loves spending the day here at home with our girls, but he is not crazy about Christmas like the rest of us. In fact, I had to secure a deal with him EARLY into our marriage. Our first Christmas together he came home around this time (early to mid November) and I was cheerily singing and cleaning to Christmas music. Then and there we learned our differences. We came up with a compromise, if I can refrain from playing or singing Christmas music BEFORE Thanksgiving, then the day after through Christmas I can listen to it AS MUCH AS I WANT!!!! I am not thrilled with the deal, but I will take it and I keep it! But to try and squeeze in some Christmas stuff before Thanksgiving I've got craft fairs! Tomorrow, there are not 1, not 2 but THREE all within a mile of our house! I cannot wait! Let the festivities begin!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sweet girls

I just love that our girls love Thanksgiving! They are already praying for Thanksgiving and are so excited for our family to start rolling in for it! They know that we host Thanksgiving and our house gets filled up with family and friends. Today they had to count to see how many days left til their Aunt gets here. She sleeps in our "guest room" and the girls love that! They are already planning their counterattacks for when she tickles them. My parents and sister may stay one night here too and the girls are already figuring out sleeping arrangements! The Genius wants Nana in her room and the Hippie wants to snuggle up in Mommy and Daddy's bed! I just think it is too cute how excited they are! And for the is 21 days til family arrives! =)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Go ahead, try something new!

I like trying seasonal veggies and trying new recipes! Also, who can resist comfort food??? So, some night, give this a try!

1/2 Butternut Squash (peeled and diced) about 2 cups
2 tsp. olive oil
1/2 tsp. salt and pepper
1 box whole wheat pasta
2 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoons flour
1 1/2 cups low fat or skim milk
1 3/4 cups White Cheddar Cheese (I found it in the organic section)

Preheat oven to 375. Toss the squash with the olive oil and salt and pepper. Place on a foil lined baking sheet and bake for 20 minutes or til soft.

Cook pasta according to instructions.

Drain pasta and place in a bowl with the cooked squash. Meanwhile in the pot melt the butter. Slowly whisk in the flour and cook on low for 2 minutes. Slowly whisk in the milk. Bring it to a boil and then simmer it for about 2 minutes. Whisk in about 3/4 of the cheese til melted. Remove from heat and add in the pasta/squash. Stir it well and top with remaining cheese. Then bake for about 10-15 minutes!

It was SOOOOOOO good!

Let me know if you give it a shot!

The Best

Halloween was great! Our friends picked up some pizzas and brought their boys over. We all sat outside around the fire pit, eating pizza and making smores. The kids hit a few houses for candy and then played with flashlights in the yard. It was so nice and relaxing! If only the time change was that nice......

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A very Small Update

We still do not know much more than we did yesterday. My husband did talk to Legal and has an appointment with JAG on Wednesday. The only thing we learned is that his packet went to the branching board and no one took it. This raises HUGE questions on our part like
1. Why were we NEVER informed this was taking place?
2. Did anyone present his package?
3. Was anyone advocating for us?
You can imagine the line of thinking. We are hoping to get answers from JAG and there is still room here for God to work a miracle. Please keep praying whenever you think of us!


The Hippie came up to me the other day and said, "Mommy, I think I know why Clifford the big red dog is called Clifford the big red dog." I asked her why. She said, "Well because he is very red and he is a dog and he is the BIGGEST dog I have ever seen, so that must be why." And to think it only took her 5 years to figure that out! =)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Hardest Thing

Until today THIS was the hardest post I had ever written. I am not sure if the following post will be harder but it is bad and one of the worst things I have had to write about.
Our journey in the Army has been say the least. We have shared the trials with some of you and others we have just kinda skimmed over. Basically, about 18 months ago my husband re-enlisted because he wanted to serve our country and yes, even be deployed, if nothing else than to give another daddy a year home with his kids and to leave a legacy for ours. He started in March 2008 with OCS and passed with flying colors. Onto BOLC II at Ft. Sill, sailed on through. He came to Knox for Armor BOLC III and for 3 1/2 months did well but did not make the grade on his last 10 days. They signed us up for another try and again, he did good-great during the 3 1/2 months but got a "no-go" on the last 10 days. Since then we were told we were being given a branch transfer. We were real excited because we both felt he would be great in a non-combat arms branch. Yesterday the army sent our world crashing down around us. My husband went into an office and was told "We are kicking you out." Yep. As in we will soon be unemployed, with kids, with debt and no prospects of income. As if that is not bad enough, he just texted and said we may only have 2 weeks. What do we do? How do we deal with this? How do we fight the government? I am not sure we even have any options. Neither of us slept well and we just feel so sick. We never saw this coming and we are in trouble. People keep telling me God has a plan, He will work this for good, but to be totally honest that is a little hard to see from where I am sitting. We are trying to be strong for each other and I must admit I feel a SMALL tingle of excitement to see where we end up but mostly I am petrified. Please keep us in your prayers.

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, October 26, 2009


The Patriotic Peacock is hosting yet another incredible giveaway! You can enter up FOUR times!!!! Make sure you go check it out!
Meanwhile here is a photo for your viewing pleasure. =)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Test of a TRUE Princess

Our girls were SO excited today because we went to not one, but two fall festivals! They finally got to get all decked out in their Halloween costumes (which cost about $10 per kid)! At our church festival the Hippie was MEGA excited because she won the cake walk! She picked a "cute, absolutely great cake with candy corns and punkins and sumtin plastic on top that ya can't eat but Mommy said maybe I can play with" cake. The Genius won second place out of all the kids for her costume! They said she was "beautiful"! She was BEYOND ecstatic to win a ribbon!
I think my favorite part was when the girls started doing the monkey bars and a lady said, "Now THAT is the test of a true princess..." LOVE it!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Guess what I won?????

I am SO excited! I have seen blog awards floating around out there, but this is my first to receive! I received my award from Cathy! Thanks again!!!!! Make sure you check out her blog. She is new to the blogosphere!
Here are the rules for getting this award.....
The Best Blog Award rules are:
1) To accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his/her blog link.
2) Pass the award to 5 other blogs that you have recently discovered and think are great!
Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

Now, the fun begins! Here are the blogs I feel deserve an award for being extra special.....
First off, I must give one to my cousin Allison! I mean, seriously, who does NOT want to read a blog about a family of 11 who serves in the military and home-school??? Yep, she gets an award for sure! Plus her blog is SO funny! I promise you will not stop laughing when you read it and you will have to go back and read all the old posts. Go visit her HERE.
My second two awards are also going to home-schooling mama's! Both blogs are inspirational to me and always either lift me up, make me smile or make feel convicted that I need to step up my spiritual walk with God. So, here is an award to Miranda and Kristan. Miranda is a friend who lives close but I NEVER see (hint, hint) and Kristan is a wonderful friend who lives far away and I never see. Kristan is always there and I am so lucky that I can count her as a true friend.
I can't give all my awards to home-schooling mom's so here is an award to one of my closest friends in the world! She has a great blog! It is such a great mix of family and crafts and pictures. She inspires me because she is a wonderful friend, mommy and crafter! Go visit Kathlyn's blog and her etsy shop...then feel free to buy something too =).
Now, my last award winner has to be Belinda.. Now, she does not blog as much as I would like her to, but who can resist her funny stories about life with 4 boys (and another baby on the way!!!) And, I must say, her boys are some of the most handsome you will ever see and at least one of them is reserved for one of our girls! =) Belinda is a great friend and when I say, "I don't know what I would do without her." I mean it. Miss you B!!!!

That was tons of fun!!! I hope I win another someday!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Good Question

As we were out delivering desserts today the Hippie asked me, "Aren't jokes kinda like telling lies?". I said, "Well, no." She said, "Well what if you say 'Hey look! It's a yummy cookie!' but really it is a stick. Isn't that a lie and not a joke?" Food for thought...from a 5 year old!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I have been working with the girls on being able to run a mile. It is super easy for me because I run so slow for them! I love running with them! The Genius and Hippie both have reward charts and when we hit 20 miles they each get something. The Hippie wants a jogging outfit! The Genius originally wanted a pair of running shoes. Then we were in a running store and we saw a necklace that said "Run". Now, she is not sure which she will want. The necklace or the shoes. She said, "Well, I will have to see what shoes I could get and then go look at the necklace. I will pick whichever is more sparkly." So, if by chance you are shopping for young girls. Remember this wise advice if it sparkles, it is good. If it sparkles a LOT, buy it!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Start Your Week Off By Winning!!!!

Once again, my friend, is hosting a really cool blog giveaway! This time, it is a hand embellished onesie for a baby (you can choose boyish or girlish). So, if you know someone who is preggo, or you are preggo, then slip on over to her blog and read about it and then enter! She is so cool she even gives you FOUR chances to win!!!!

Here ya go!! Good luck!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tired Girls

Wow! I look back at these pics from the last 3 days and it is no wonder why we are all so tired tonight! Enjoy!