Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Sweetest Thing

First off, as of today we are 12 WEEKS PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It feels GREAT to make that milestone! Hopefully it won't be too much longer and I will start feeling the baby move! I love the second trimester!
Secondly, it is now 6 days til Christmas!!!!!!!!
Now, for the sweetest thing. My husband and I were hanging out last night after the girls were sleeping. We had had a great Friday night with them. Pizza and we watched parts of Elf with them. They were so sweet and fun and cute. I got up to go turn the tree lights off and thought I saw a little something in my husband's stocking. I peeked into it and there are some pieces of paper. Paper that belongs to the Hippie. She made him some notes or pictures (we did not peek at them). He was sitting on the couch getting all choked up. I looked in my stocking and, sure enough, she made some for me too. So now I am getting all choked up and ready to cry. She never even told us she did it and I think that is just about the sweetest thing ever.


Belinda said...

That is SO sweet! Those little things mean so much. Landon is SO excited because he made me something at school for Christmas. He even found a box to take with him so he could wrap it on it. Those things mean more than any store bought gift ever could! Congrats on the 12 week mark!!

Trinka said...

She is such a sweet, tender-hearted little thing!

Congrats on Junior (or Miss-Junior)'s progress! Looking forward to meeting him or her!!!

Kendra said...

aww precious.