Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another giveaway

We are planning to use cloth diapers 100% with this next baby. So, I have been scouring the internet looking into it and quizzing my friends on what to choose. I have it mostly narrowed down. I was stoked to see giving away a $50 giftcard! We can use all the help we can get buying some cloth diapers. They are expensive to start but you quickly get your money back. If you have any diapers you want to sell, or any advice please post!


Kristan said...

If you figure in the ruined clothes, laundry for all of those diapers, and the fact that you can't just leave it on until there is poop like a disposable diaper, I don;t think it will save, but cost you in so many ways. I hate to be a bubble burster, but can you imagine having to change the diaper everytime the baby pees. It won't wick away the moisture like the disposables and it would lead to more rashes. You are a brave woman to consider it, but I really think it is a bad idea, but that is just my 2 cents worth of opinion.
Good luck in whatever you choose.
My mom can tell you horror stories of cloth diapers.

Stacey said...

I would like to say that I use cloth with my daughter and I love it! I have had many LESS rashes with cloth and many LESS ruined clothes. The disposables gave me blowouts and ruined many onesies and cute outfits, cloth does not do that if you have the good covers or diapers. Cheap cloth will give you headaches and waste your money, yes, but good quality cloth goes a LONG way!

RubyRed1085 said...

I just wanted to add MY 2 cents... My son is allergic to every single disposable diaper out on the market. He gets rashes so bad that his skin bleeds. We have never had a "poop-splosion" in a cloth diaper, so no ruined clothes there either. They are wonderful, and soft, and great for their little bums. I can't imagine what our life would be like if we didn't have cloth diapers.

Laundry is also really easy with them as well. It's only 2 extra loads a week! Not a big deal if you ask me.

Oh and as for cost... we have already saved over $1000 using cloth. Besides the cost od disposables themselves, we have less Dr bills, and save LOADS of money on rash cream.

You are a wonderful mom for wanting to cloth diaper your child! I hope you stick with it!

Meant To Be Wed said...

Awesome! We have been doing cloth diapers since day 1 and at 18mos are working on potty learning. To keep expenses low, we chose to go with unbleached Indian prefolds & covers. I've spent *maybe* around $300 (some used, some new) - and we can use all of them for the next one when the time comes. - We've never had blowouts in the cloth, so the only time we've changed DD's clothes more than once in a day is when she had lots of spit-ups.
Good luck & have fun (and be careful - there are some really cute diapers out there & it is easy to get addicted to buying them!!)

Anonymous said...

another cloth lover here. No poo leaks, very very few pee leaks, only one rash in 14mos requiring cream, and my son is close to ready for some potty learning. We have saved tons of money, tons of plastic from the landfill, and I feel it is the best parenting decision I have made. The chemicals in disposables are NASTY and I don't want them anywhere near my child's skin. We also only do 2-3 extra loads of laundry a week, but if you figure in the fact that we never have to change clothes due to leaks, it is not so bad.

Anonymous said...

hey mama... I just wanted to add that many cloth diapers *do* have a stay-dry layer that wicks away moisture. ds is super sensitive to wetness, and our cd's keep his bottom nice and dry!

I too find the laundry to be no big deal (3 loads a week)

And I have definitely saved a ton!

Good luck! cd'ing can be easy-peasy if you do your research (and you obviously are!)Good job, mama!

Anonymous said...

I think anyone who actually gives CDing a try usually ends up loving them! They have saved us tons of money, we had way more blow-outs when we used disposables, and laundry is only 2 loads a week. (Although yes, they can get addicting and then you can get in trouble with buying too many!) And I think most people change their kiddo's diapers (disposable or not) more than just when they poop. At least I hope so.

Soña said...

Just another couple of cents. We adore our cloth and have used them since birth. We've saved loads of money, never had a blowout and no rashes either. We do change more often than our friends who use sposies - every 2 hours without fail except at night when we double stuff and use diapers with a stay dry layer - but you know that's ok with me, I don't like the idea of DD sitting in a dirty diaper even if its just pee.

As for cost we've bought a lot used and then re-sold as DD grows. We spent $25 on her newborn dipes from 0-6 weeks. Couldn't have done that with sposies! Enjoy the fluffy butts!

Kristen & Cliff said...

WOw! Thanks for the encouragement everyone! I am excited to try this out and we plan to do it 100%. I too, plan on the prefolds with covers, but also plan on some AIO's for the church nursery and sitters etc.... I don't know most of you who commented so thanks! If you have a blog post again and let me know so I can check out your blog!

RubyRed1085 said...

Here's a great blog to check out. Not sure if you have or not:


karen said...

Hey, Kristen! A cloth-diaperer you actually know! :) I agree with what some have sad; I do LESS laundry with cloth because there are fewer blow-outs and leaks than with disposables. And modern cloth diapers are NOTHING like the cloth our mothers used. Seriously, there are so many improvements and advancements. I personally love pocket diapers, but good covers go a long way with fitted or prefolds. :)