Monday, December 14, 2009


Wow, so that completely makes me think of the sound track to "Fiddler on the Roof". What a great musical and full of wonderful songs! Def. a favorite of mine! My husband once surprised me on a date with tickets to a dinner theater to see it live.
Now, back to the reason of my post! My friend Kathlyn just had post on her blog about Christmas traditions. It made me wonder what all of you do for your Christmas traditions? If you have kids, do you play Santa? What tradition is your favorite?
I will share some of ours. Our Christmas traditions actually begin the day after Thanksgiving. Several years ago, my husband's sister began coming to our house for Thanksgiving. She has been coming every year since and it is now a tradition we all hope to continue. The day after Thanksgiving my hubby pulls out our tree and decorations. Around 3 in the afternoon, we crank up the Christmas music and start decorating. About mid-way through I usually order pizza. When we are done and the pizza arrives we eat around the tree with just the tree lights on. It is so much fun and actually a pretty relaxing experience! Of course, some branches so have about 8 ornaments on them, but we like the crowed look! Our next real tradition is passed down from my family. On the night of Christmas Eve in lieu of a book, we read the Christmas story of Jesus' birth from the Bible. While my husband reads it (usually by candlelight or tree lights) the girls act out the story with our nativity set. On Christmas Eve they also each open 1 gift which is always a new pair of pjs! They put them on and wear them to bed and all day on Christmas! On Christmas morning they wake us up by bouncing on our bed and singing to us. We all get up and come out and admire the tree and gifts. Then they watch me make homemade waffles! We eat them and stare at the gifts and talk about what we think we got etc. It is so fun and we all love the suspense! Then we all attack our stockings. After that we pass out gifts and when they are all distributed, we open going one person at a time. I love it!

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Kristan said...

On Christmas eve the girls get to open one present (pj's. We always get up on Christmas morning and have a big breakfast with oatmeal pancakes (a recipe we found when I was pregnant with Olivia-yummy)after looking at the presents under the tree (we don't open them yet though). Then after we eat we take turns and open our presents and then spend the rest of the day relaxing and just snacking on finger foods. We do not have another meal.

Oh yeah and I always decorate the first day of November!!! And undecorate the day after Christmas.