Thursday, December 24, 2009

Filling up the day

Christmas Eve is here! The girls were up earlier than normal (as expected). I have been pleased with how quickly the day has gone! We all got up (me much later than everyone else). My husband took the girls up to the track to let them burn some steam and so he could run. I stayed home and got the steaks marinating, the hashbrown casserole mixed and ready to cook, laundry started and cooked the hanky panky! It was so nice to get all that done. I made lasagna for lunch today. My husband then took the girls to the park and I walked on the treadmill. Later we are going around to look at Christmas lights and when we get back we read the story of the birth of Jesus and the girls set up out nativity. They are very excited and already planning which figurines they each want to do. I hope you are all having a great Christmas Eve!!!
Last night my husband and I had a date. We had planned to see a movie but when we got to the theater that movie was not showing. Soooo, change of plans! We ate at a yummy Italian place and each tried a new pasta so we could share. Then we walked around a plaza and looked at cloth diapers! We finished up by browsing through Target and renting a few dvds. We got "Four Christmases" for us to watch. It was funny, but not the best movie I have ever seen. All in all it was a great date and we had really needed that time. While we were gone the sitter baked homemade sugar cookies with the girls, drew snowmen and taught them to play hangman!
Merry Christmas Eve!

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