Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Party all the Time

Yesterday was great! We took the girls to MOKI for 2 hours. It was the Christmas one and they came home loaded down with gifts! They each got a prize and a HUGE stocking filled with goodies! Then we went with some of our friends to a local church. They were having a community kids party. Each child got a nice present there! The Hippie got a Disney Barbie and the Genius got a Littlest Pet Shop toy. We went to a yummy Mexican place with our friends. All the kids were so good! That night, we had our church's Christmas party. They started by serving a wonderful dinner! Then they had childcare for the kids (our girls were the only kids!). The girls spent the next hour or so painting and markering and gluing and making a fun mess of ornaments for our already crowded tree! LOL! Then the workers had MORE gifts for the girls! Meanwhile, my husband and I got to be part a really fun and very rowdy gift exchange! After having several of our gifts taken =(, we ended up very happy with a Yankee Candle and a gift card to Cracker Barrell! We got home late and we were all pretty exhausted. Today we had church and tonight we are going to free concert with a live orchestra! It will be another late night, but I think it will be worth it!

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Trinka said...

As much as your kids like music, I imagine The Messiah was a real treat! Though I'm glad you didn't stay for the whole 2 hours. That might have been a bit much. :)