Sunday, December 6, 2009

Quick Trip

My husband had a few days of leave time. We spent one day here at home just enjoying being together. Then we made a quick trip up to my parents. Their church was having Breakfast at the Manger. We had a great time! They watched the girls and let us go out to a movie. We saw "2012". It was cheesy but actually pretty good. They treated us to some yummy meals too. On Saturday we attended their Breakfast at the Manger. It is such a neat event! They heard the Christmas story about baby Jesus, ate pancakes, decorated cookies, made a nativity ornament, had their picture taken with Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus and got to pet some sheep and an alpaca! The trip ended much too quickly and now we are back home and facing a regular week. I am pretty excited though because I have my first real ob appointment this week! We will get an ultrasound and get to see the baby and hopefully hear the heartbeat!
Must add a funny quote I just heard from the girls.
H - "I'm taking a fun break."
G - "No fun breaks or you are out of the show."
H - "Fun break! Fun break!"
G - "Young lady, you are out of the show!"

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