Friday, December 18, 2009

One More Week til Christmas

We are all getting so excited for Christmas to get here! Everything is ready! The gifts are all wrapped and hidden away, the tree has been decorated for about a month and the Christmas music is playing non-stop! I just love it! I have seen so many people blogging about Christmas...the traditions, funny stories, memories, best gifts etc.. What is your favorite Christmas memory (or one of them)?
There is NO way i could just pick one so I am choosing this one to share today.
The Christmas of 2004 the Genius was about 18 months old and the Hippie was 3 months old. Since they were so little their big gift was a double jogging stroller. We got the Genius some toys and things but just got 1 gift for the Hippie. My parents had given her this really sweet little peach colored outfit and she was wearing it. I pulled her onto my lap and opened her gift for her. It was one of those squishy books. This one was Little Einsteins and one page there was a duck. The duck had a squeaker inside it. I was showing her each page and when I got to the duck I squeaked it. Right then and there, on Christmas day, she gave us her first laugh! Opening the only gift she had. It was so precious! She has not stopped laughing since and if you ask anyone who knows her? They will tell you that she STILL has a precious laugh and when you hear it you just have to smile and laugh too!

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