Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Yes, three more days til Christmas!!!!! It cannot come soon enough! The girls are waking up early and getting very antsy. Thankfully we have a sitter coming tomorrow afternoon so my hubby and I can can have some MUCH needed time alone! I am not sure what we will do, but it really does not matter! LOL!
Last night my husband read my previous blog post and took us all out to dinner at Chick-Fil-A! I got my grilled chicken fix and the girls ran off some steam! On the way home we drove past some new Christmas lights and enjoyed some good Christmas music.
Today we were supposed to be on our way to the attorney but evidently they are in another state stuck in snow and we had to reschedule. It was pretty frustrating since my husband had asked for the day off and all. He ended up going into work and I am left home with the girls. Normally this would be fine but since our morning routine was all messed up they are being very grouchy and have already lost their treat for the day. Next thing left to lose is computer time. It could be a long day ahead of me here. Thankfully my husband promised to take us all out tonight, maybe to the library.
3 days til Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Pee Paw said...

Things are rather hectic--but I
wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas before I forget it. We are meeting your folks tomorrow for lunch.
The girls are acting like a lot of the world right now. Now very MERRY.
Give them a hug for me.
Do they send e mail messages yet. If
so have them write me sometime.
Got to finish a couple of 700 word
articles this afternoon. Love
Pee Paw