Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ponies and their names

I took the girls to a playland the other day, just to get out of the house for awhile. They each got a kids meal and inside was a pink pony with pink hair. The Hippie named hers "Aliss" (think A-list but leave off the T). The Genius named hers Alan. I said, "Oh, it's a boy?" She said, "No, what name did you think I said?" I said, "Alan." She said, "Yes, her name is Alan." Ooooookay then! =)
Later they were playing with a little girl who did not speak much English. (That works amazingly well for kids with Selective Mutism!) This little girl lost her pony in a crack. The Hippie said, "Wait, I have just the thing in my purse." She came and got bug pinchers (LOL!) out of her pink shimmer purse and both girls helped the little girl get her pony back. It was a fun trip!!!!


Kristan said...

Awesome-- one thing I don't have in my purse-- a pair of bug pinchers.

Trinka said...

Girl scouts are always prepared ... never without a pair of bug-pinchers in their pink shimmer-purses. :)