Sunday, November 22, 2009


I just love the curious nature of our girls! I love that they have not become squeamish over things that gross ME out! I must say, that since having kids, I do try and control my reaction because we want them to be curious. Today they were outside playing and the Hippie came tearing into the house with the cheeks flushed and her eyes all lit up and huffing and puffing she said, "You will never believe what we found in the yard! You have got to come see it! I think it's a bird and it is not flying or moving! It may be dead!" My brave husband tramps outside and found.... a dead bird. We have no clue how it died, but the girls were bouncing around and wanting to touch it. He let them and then scoured down their hands with soap AND Germ-Ex! They then had to run up to their room and get their HUGE book on birds and they spent the next 10 minutes trying to identify the species. I think at that point they got distracted by leaves blowing through the yard, but it was super cute! I hope they keep this curiosity for quite awhile. They sure make life fun!

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