Friday, November 13, 2009

What is that boy doing?

Friday night is usually pizza night at our house. We usually make or pick up pizza and watch a movie together. Tonight we watched Little House on the Prairie. Specifically we watched Part 2 of "As long as We're Together". In this episode Walnut Grove has been closed by the evil railroad company. So, several of the families move to the blind school where Adam and Mary are working. If you recall, this is the show where they meet Albert. He is frequently seen stealing things from different people. At one point Mrs. Olsen sees Albert stealing some coins that some kids were gambling with. He says, "I'm with the church. Gambling is a sin." Later in the episode he steals something else. I asked the Genius. "What is that boy doing?" She said, "Stealing things for the church Mommy!" I love that kid!


Trinka said...

Ah ... learning "the end justifies the means" early in life. Excellent. :)

Kristan said...