Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Thanksgiving just keeps looking better and better! These past few weeks have been so busy that Thanksgiving will truly feel like a vacation. We have not been busy with bad stuff, just school, lots of doctors appointments, oil changes that type of stuff. The girls therapist (for their Selective Mutism) is worried about them having to stop therapy if my hubby loses his job so she has been having us come A LOT! She has been doing more testing on them etc.... which means appointments lasting 2 hours plus the hour drive up and back. I am thankful though that she is so concerned for them and is doing extra to help us out if we have to stop therapy. Meanwhile, the Genius goes in tomorrow for her next surgery. She is actually excited for it this time! She really liked getting to wear pjs and slippers into the surgery center. She wore these cute cheetah ones (cause they have to be button up) and these cheetah slippers my sister bought her. She was quite the belle of the floor! All the nurses just oohed and aahed over her. Plus we have the first time nerves behind us. The doctor was true to his word and did not use any needles! The only thing she did not like was drinking the medicine. But they let her have a small sip of sprite afterwards and that seemed to help! =)
As for Thanksgiving, I am beyond excited for all out family to get here! We are going to have a full house! We have the menu planned out, the turkey is in the freezer and after this busy week is over I can start my cleaning and meal preparations! I cannot wait! Thinking about the meal makes me think of my dad and all the foods he HAS to have on the table for Thanksgiving to be real. Like that cranberry gel stuff? He has to have it but seriously eats 1 slice and we throw the rest away! It is a family joke now, but we do serve it every year! What is the one food you HAVE to have on Thanksgiving? Stop and vote on my new poll before you leave.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear of your Thanksgiving plans and to read your long blog.
Grandmother Wheeler always had two
or three guests for Thanksgiving--
Helen Rose and Pauline and her Mother.
About those treatments---where are the folk who owned the dog? They
should be paying for them and all of
the other expenses you have had plus
the travel, worries, etc. They certainly should not get away with
saying, "Gee I'm sorry." End of
temper tantrum.
I go to the eye Dr again on Thursday
and then some new glasses.
Love you all
Pee Paw

Kristan said...

I bought my turkey today 40cents a pound at walmart. I am excited too! I love Paula deens recipe for dressing and am making it again this year. and 2 new pie recipes-- a take on pecan pie and a tkae on pumpkin! I can't wait!

Adriane said...

I cannot wait for Thanksgiving! It is one of my all time favorite Holidays! I am glad to hear the Dr is doing ovetime with the girls and that she is excited for her next surgery.

Have you heard anything else about the military? Your family is in my continued prayers.

Anonymous said...

Hey! The cranberry gel stuff is the best part of the Thanksgiving meal!!!