Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Good Question

As we were out delivering desserts today the Hippie asked me, "Aren't jokes kinda like telling lies?". I said, "Well, no." She said, "Well what if you say 'Hey look! It's a yummy cookie!' but really it is a stick. Isn't that a lie and not a joke?" Food for thought...from a 5 year old!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of the good things.
Arrived home last night from the
wedding. Saw big sister briefly.
Toured the Smokies as a birthday gift.
Next week will be the peak of colors.
Wish I could run a mile--the little
ones sure make life interesting.
The three little girls in TN were
I'm tired and ready to retire.
Hug the girls for me. Let them call
sometime--that was great a few weeks
Love you all Pee Paw

Cathy said...

Hey Kristen. I miss you over here in the hills. i gave you a blog award.

Trinka said...

I would be tempted to go for "a lie is an attempt to deceive."

That way you cover joking, and you also cover words that are technically correct, yet intend to mislead. :)

Kendra said...

I was going to say what Trinka said...the difference is in intent. We had the same discussion with Brent's son, Ron, when he was little. He started lying about stuff and saying he was kidding. We had to explain to him that when he was trying to get out of consequences for his actions, he was lying.

Luke said...

Trinka nailed it. This is also why people who say, "It's 8:07... wait... I lied; it's 8:02," are wrong as well. It was an untruth, not a lie [smile].

But huzzah for 5 year olds who are thinking about these kinds of things. Good stuff!