Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I have been working with the girls on being able to run a mile. It is super easy for me because I run so slow for them! I love running with them! The Genius and Hippie both have reward charts and when we hit 20 miles they each get something. The Hippie wants a jogging outfit! The Genius originally wanted a pair of running shoes. Then we were in a running store and we saw a necklace that said "Run". Now, she is not sure which she will want. The necklace or the shoes. She said, "Well, I will have to see what shoes I could get and then go look at the necklace. I will pick whichever is more sparkly." So, if by chance you are shopping for young girls. Remember this wise advice if it sparkles, it is good. If it sparkles a LOT, buy it!


Stacia said...

That is how I get Tristan to wear something I want her to wear by pointing out how sparkly it is; and if its a dress I point out how twirly it is!!! I love having girls!

Trinka said...

And if it's a SPECIAL, PRINCESS, SPARKLY thing ... wow. :)

I've noticed your use of the word "special" ... it doesn't cost anything, and just makes everything more ... well ... "special." :)