Thursday, October 8, 2009

One Year

One year ago at this time the girls were just starting their therapy for Selective Mutism. We have been going once a week ever since. 88 miles round trip. I get pretty tired of it. At times I would give anything not to go. But then I think back to where we were one year ago.
Then - Our girls would not play in a playland.
Now - They play in a playland and MOST of the time will talk to at least 1 other child. Sometimes the Genius will even get bossy.
Then - Would not make eye contact with strangers.
Now- Will usually make eye contact but still not speak.
Then - Would NEVER speak in front of strangers.
Now - Almost always talks in front of strangers just not to them.
Then - Could not play with the trains in a Barnes and Nobles if there was other kids.
Now - Will play with the trains and will complain (to me at least) if there are not enough trains for them.
Then - Had never spoken to a waiter.
Now - Have actually asked for refills and crackers on their own.
Then - Would make weird looking facial contortions every time they were spoken to in public.
Now- That happens VERY rarely. Maybe 3 times in the past 6 months.
Now- They sometimes "forget" their anxiety and answer a question from a stranger.
Now- They show their ages with their fingers.
So, here's to one year and 4576 miles traveled!


Claire said...

Sounds like they are making tremendous progress! They are bound to with prayers, faith and the two wonderful parents that God blessed them with.

Cathy said...

That's great news. It's nice, sometimes, to take a broad look over the past year like that just to see how far your kids have grown. Hey, if you're ever interested in seeing our life, feel free to visit my new blog at

Trinka said...

Sounds like WONDERFUL progress! :)

(Keep track of those miles though ... some day when they're grown, they have to pay you back in grandchildren.) :)