Friday, October 2, 2009

Taking a stand for America

First off you need to take 3 minutes and read this story. Then take 2 minutes and the follow up. I think that is pretty cool!
Another cool story took place about 300 meters from our house. Remember those photos where I showed how close we are to a city park? This city park is used for a lot of sporting events. Soccer, softball, cheerleading.... My husband was at a promotion ceremony yesterday and a 2 star general shared this story. Evidently there was a soccer game there a few nights ago. It was the county team vs. the kids from the base high school. They were trying to start the game but could not locate the national anthem sound track. The announcer said, "Ok. We cannot find so we will start the game now." The county kids ran out to the field ready to take on the kids from base. Then the audience noticed all the kids from base were standing still, hands over their hearts, facing the flag. All at once, THEY started singing the national anthem. The rest of the audience rose to their feet and joined them. If that does not give you a great feeling, then I don't know what will.
Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

Not just a great feeling, but goose bumps!!

Stacey said...

how awesome :-)

jess said...

Good for those "basers!" Being an Air Force brat myself, I'm not surprised... I still choke up during our national anthem.

Anonymous said...

That was wonderful!