Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Test of a TRUE Princess

Our girls were SO excited today because we went to not one, but two fall festivals! They finally got to get all decked out in their Halloween costumes (which cost about $10 per kid)! At our church festival the Hippie was MEGA excited because she won the cake walk! She picked a "cute, absolutely great cake with candy corns and punkins and sumtin plastic on top that ya can't eat but Mommy said maybe I can play with" cake. The Genius won second place out of all the kids for her costume! They said she was "beautiful"! She was BEYOND ecstatic to win a ribbon!
I think my favorite part was when the girls started doing the monkey bars and a lady said, "Now THAT is the test of a true princess..." LOVE it!

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Trinka said...

Love it!

The makeup makes them look so ... old ... growing up is NOT allowed! :)