Friday, October 16, 2009

My husband ROCKS

My friend over here does this thing on facebook of reasons why she loves her husband. I feel compelled to follow along and blog about one of the MANY reasons why I love MY husband and why he is the BEST! Because of his early morning PT he goes to bed earlier than me. Last night as I came to bed I heard a noise. I sat up. I heard it again and I realized that it was the dog across the street. He has never barked that late before. He is usually inside by then, but it scared me. I woke him up (out of a sound sleep) and he got right up, checked the girls, windows and went out to look around. He never even made fun of me! I love that he protects us all so much and never complained about being woke up! He is just the best!!!!!!

1 comment:

Trinka said...

What a good guy! :)

(Though the "not making fun of me" part ... wow ... that's really over the top!)