Saturday, October 10, 2009

Like Christmas Every day

Our girls LOVE my parents. They call them Nana and Gampy. I think they would choose seeing Nana and Gampy over Disney and maybe even over Christmas! LOL! On Christmas morning they usually wake up around 7, maybe 6:45. Yesterday we were taking the girls to my parents for the weekend. We were meeting up with my parents around lunchtime. But, at 5:05 a.m. we were woken up. Why? Because the girls had gotten up, dressed and were waiting to leave. We sent them back to bed and 30 minutes later they told us we were forgetting to leave. =) It was actually pretty cute! I think it must be flattering for my parents as well. When the girls stay with my parents, we tell them. "Do NOT get out of bed until the first number is a 6". I don't think they ever listen! They wake up and all they can think about is how much fun they are going to have with Nana and Gampy! I believe they usually crawl into bed with them about 5 a.m. and the fun begins! It starts out sweet, kinda snuggling with Nana. Then Gampy starts "snoring" and saying goofy things like, "Me want to eat cat litter." Eventually they turns into the Hippie bouncing around on top of everyone. They get out bed and get milk and cartoons. Get dressed and walk to the local bakery. They are allowed doughnuts and diet coke. Then they walk back home and usually hit a park. They go feed ducks, play in the church gym and then eat lunch etc.... Our girls cannot get enough of their Nana and Gampy and we appreciate my parents because they cannot get enough of our girls! Thanks mom and dad!!!!


jess said...

That's awesome. I hope my kids say the same about me and my grandkids one day.

Anonymous said...

They are such precious girls!! We have so much fun with them. However...I'm way too old to be going down a zip line at the autumn farm market and taking both of them down a huge slide (in which I landed sitting in a mud puddle!!) They, however, find that rather humorous!!
Gampy & Nana