Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bumping and Cleaning

The cutest thing happened today! I told the girls that when I was all done paying bills that I would teach them to clean their own bathroom. The Hippie said, "Even the toilet?" I said, "Yep." She says, "Even the inside of the toilet?" You should've heard them when I said yes. They were squealing with excitement!!!! They did get to clean their own bathroom and they loved doing it! The Hippie really liked cleaning the outside basin of the potty and the Genius was real into the inside. It was pretty fun! Then we moved onto vacuuming and they liked that too!
When I was coming out of my room today I heard the Hippie say, "Take two fingers and put them here and you will feel something bumping around." I heard the Genius ask her some questions and the Hippie said, "Do ya feel it? Our teacher at those classes yesterday said everyone has the bumping and it gets blood everywhere inside us from our hearts." Can you figure it out yet? They were discovering their pulses! I helped them and let them find mine. The Hippie said, "Wow Mommy! Yours is bumping all over the place!" I love watching them learn!


Cathy said...

My kids have always loved cleaning the toilets. They actually fight over who gets to do it and David ended up crying for 10 minutes the last time because I let Julie clean their toilet!!

Kristen & Cliff said...

LOL! Aren't kids great?

Trinka said...

How cool is THAT? (The pulse-finding). It's the kind of thing you never think about NEEDING to learn ... but obviously we all did!

Anonymous said...

I don't ever remember Clifford and
Trinka fighting over who would clean the toilet.