Monday, October 5, 2009

Do you know what this means?

This is going to be a hard post to put into words. In case you do not know, both of our daughters have Selective Mutism. It causes so many challenges in their day to day life and especially when making new friends. Recently, we met another military couple that we really get along with. They have two boys who are exactly the same ages as our girls. Their oldest is about 2 months older than the Genius and the youngest is 2 months younger than the Hippie. They came over tonight so we could make smores at our fire pit. Tonight, the kids played. The Genius played like she has not played in well over a year. One of my closest friends has 4 boys and our girls PLAYED with her boys. That is how it was tonight. Our yard was filled with games of freeze tag, made up racing games and laughter and squeals and screams! My husband and I kept poking each other and just being in awe of the girls. They were THEMSELVES again in a way that we honestly have not seen since we left our friends at our old small group at our old church. It did my heart so good to see and watch and hear. It made me feel like this place is home. Like I said, this is a hard post to put into words, but it was an incredible night here. I was still glowing as I was walking the girls up to put them to bed. The Genius looked back at me with her cheeks all rosy from the night air and said, "Mommy, do you know what this means? We have friends." Need I say more?


Anonymous said...

What a joy to read the blog tonight.
In His own time, God answers prayers.
Our bodies respond as He has made them.
Wed. morning I get the cataract removed from my left eye and three
weeks later from my right eye.
Judie will take me to the Dr.
She is working three days a week
for a few weeks to help out her old
office crew.
Keep up the good work. From your
blog--did the girls talk with the
other boys and girls in the group?
Love Peepaw

Trinka said...

Wonderful!!!!!! Yippeeeee!

Luke said...



Kristan said...

Excellent story! I am glad to hear it. We still miss you all terribly. The girls are always asking to see pictures of Kayla and Grace on the computer!