Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's a Match

The Genius can be so darn cute! As she was eating her vitamin last night we asked her what animal it was. The Hippie had a dog or something. The Genius said, "I will give you hint. It is the only animal whose ear matches its state (by state she meant continent)." Any guesses? Think about it...... an elephant! Africa does kinda resemble an elephants ear! We got such a kick out of it!
Tonight my husband and I watched "Marley and Me", you know, the comedy? Yeah right, we were both bawling like babies. Such a sad movie!
I finished it up by watching "18 and Counting" It was such a special episode. Now I am crying over that! I better get to bed before something else sappy draws me in...I am running out of kleenex! Good night!


Trinka said...

Oh yeah ... Marley and Me was SO not a comedy! I was balling my eyes out. So was everybody coming out of the theater. Stupid dog movie.

But it was good, wasn't it? :)

Kristan said...

She is very observant and obviously quite smart!

Paula Kathlyn said...

Truly a genious you have on your hands there :-)