Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Our poor four year old had to go to the doctor this morning and she has a urinary tract infection. She has not been a real happy camper today and I cannot blame her. It breaks my heart. I had these so often when I was younger and remember the pain that came with it. I would have paid someone to take her potty when it was hurting. Those big blue eyes just kill me. Knowing you cannot help her hurts like crazy. The medicine seems to be helping a little already though.
Other news is the girls were cute today! They had their little bathroom stools in the living room and we standing on them and twirling and posing. I said, "Are you girls Ballerinas? Teachers?" They said "No, we are invitations!!!!!" Then I realize that while they are posing they are shouting, "Come on in!" I thought they were both brilliant and hilarious!
Also, we found out that we should close next week and that we can do it through Fed-Ex! So that means we do not have to make an extra trip!!! Yea!!!


Trinka said...

How cute! :)

I hope she's feeling better soon! Poor kid!

Congrats on the convenient closing arrangements!

See you soon ... are any plans for graduation known yet?

Claire said...

I am happy and sad! I am happy that you don't have to pay for all of that gas to come here to close... but I am so sad that we aren't going to see you and girls soon. Whaaaa!!