Thursday, June 19, 2008


I know I said we were moving tomorrow but we were wrong. Or someone was! We are here for at least 5 more days.
I will keep you posted!
In other news, I needed to blog about our three year old. The other day were driving around and she says, "Does God use Glue?". I asked her what she meant. She said, "Well how do things like trees and grass stick to the ground?" Wow. That was amazingly deep and thoughtful! I answered her and explained what roots were. She then asked about bushes. Smart and cute little thing!
Today my husband graduated from OCS and is an officer in the United States Army!! I was not sure what to expect from the ceremony, but it was amazing! Seriously, the emotions it invoked were so inspiring! All the hard stuff from OCS faded to background as I remembered THIS is why (partly) we chose this tough career. For our country and all that encompasses. I did not expect to get emotional but I was crying. It was extremely cool (for lack of a better word). Not mention that my husband looks positively DASHING in his Class A's! =)
Another fun part of the day was spending the day with his mom, sister, dad and stepmom! we got to all hang out all day, and yes, I must admit I did enjoy being spoiled by all of them =). It made an awesome, life changing moment even better to share it with our family!


Reasa said...

Now the adventure begins. I hope the orders ger straightned out soon.

Damon said...

God bless you all!!!