Thursday, May 29, 2008

LONG day, but it ended well

Today we baby sat for a friend down here. It went great and then we all went to lunch afterwards. We got there and our oldest decided to have a meltdown. One of her anxiety induced meltdowns. She started bawling because she did not want people looking at her. Needless to say it was not pleasant. When she is in the throes of anxiety you cannot reason with her. So I placed her behind me with her nose facing the wall so that people could not see her face. Now, to others it looks like I am horrid mommy who is pushing her kid in a corner in a public place. I got glares from all over. Very frustrating and embarrassing. Then we come home and the girls are literally having a knock down fight. I seperate them and they are screaming for each other. "Sissy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 10 minutes later they are playing Lazytown together like nothing has ever happened. My neighbor and I meet outside to let the kids play and they are all so cranky! We decided the kids won. They beat us. We are both husbandless this week and exhausted. So we ordered pizza, let the kids run wild inside their room together and we watched Facing the Giants and talked. FINALLY. The kids were happy and now they are asleep. Tomorrow, if God is willing, my husband COULD be sleeping here. Please pray for that!!!

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Trinka said...


Poor four-year-old ... if all the people are looking at you, having a melt down is a REALLY bad way of making them stop looking at you!

Glad you got a little break later!