Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Our youngest decided to choose today to have a meltdown. We attend a local church on Wednesday nights. She asked me if we were seeing Daddy afterwards (we usually do). But he said we could not come tonight because they had to study for a big test tomorrow. I told her no and she lost it. I literally had 45 minutes of crying her eyes out. The poor girls eye swelled up and eventually I just called him and let her leave him a message of her crying and begging him to call her. Miraculously, leaving the message worked! She quit crying and just laid in my lap shuddering and hiccuping. It was so sad. Needless to say I am worn out!!!
Other than that it was a fairly good day. I baked muffins for to take to church tomorrow. We also made a new friend and are meeting them for dinner tomorrow night! Fun times! (At least when kids are not melting down)

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Trinka said...

awwww!!! So sorry little-girl! (and the mommy-girl who had to DEAL with the little girl!)

We grown ups kind of FEEL like that when our plans are disrupted, we've just figured out that melt-downs don't do any good and require a LOT of energy. :)

Hope today is better!