Friday, May 9, 2008

Fab. Friday!

My new friend from down here that I blogged about earlier in the week really did watch the girls today for me to go shopping! I had 6 glorious hours to myself! I completed some much needed clothes shopping for myself. I now have clothes that fit me! It feels so nice. I honestly cannot remember the last time I was alone like that. Probably it was around 2 years ago, but I have not been alone AND not doing errands since the kids were born. I feel like a brand new woman!
Today our oldest as just the sweetest little thing. If you know her, then you know she is the queen of planning her own birthday parties. She has them mapped out till she turns 10 =). She also L*O*V*E*S her cake! Today she said, "Mommy, I have changed my mind about my birthday party for when I am 5. I know where I want to have it. Daddy's base. Then he can be with me on my birthday and we just bring a cupcake." My heart melted. She is so stinking sweet!!!!!


Trinka said...

awwwww! How sweet is THAT!

I'm so glad you had a relaxing, and productive day. I hope the refreshment from it just drags on all week!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could give her a big hug.
Have a great weekend