Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Terrific Tuesday

Noticing a theme here? =)
Today I woke up really not wanting to go to the gym so I decided to break from our routine! We hit the wonderful library here! The girls played computer games and we got a HUGE stack of books to bring home with us.
Then we found this place that paints your nails for $5. I let the girls get their toes done. They think this is their new calling in life! They had cute little flowers put on them. It was really quite adorable!
We went to Target and then hit a new McDonalds! They had a blast playing!
We came home and hit the pool for awhile and then we came in and they watched a show and I let them eat lunchables for dinner and followed it all with a BIG bubble bath!
Perfect end to a great day. Not a perfect day. On a perfect day my hunky husband would have been here with us and we would have not done any of these things. We would have hit a coffee shop, looked at motorcycles and been in heaven because we were together. I miss him like crazy but thankfully God has made these days go mercifully fast for us!

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Trinka said...

I'm so glad you're making the best of your time there -- sounds like a fun day, even if it wasn't perfect. :)