Sunday, May 18, 2008

Super Sunday

Today FLEW by and was really a great day! I took the girls to church and then to a free outdoors art festival! It was great and we have DEFINITELY found a new park to go investigate again! They got a free book, made a painting and got animal balloons! On the way out I let them each get a Dora popsicle. They thought they looked much better than they tasted! So, they basically ate Dora's eyes off the rest melted all over their hands, legs, feet and toes. We finally throw them away and I hand them a napkin to wipe with. The youngest said it did not clean her enough so she took her sticky hands and rubbed them in the sand! SO, she is now sticky and sandy! I made a remark about that so she WIPES THEM ON HER DRESS! It was great!! As we pull into our place my father-in-law called and said he was pulling in. The girls hopped out of the van and ran squealing for the front door. The youngest turns around in all her smudged, sticky, sandy self and says, "Oh no! He'll see my messy mouth!" I was rolling!!! Her mouth was relatively clean! =)
We had a great visit with my father-in-law! He brought lamps and t-shirts for the girls and they loved them!
Oh and father-in-law if you are reading this, the four year old was hollering out the window for you to call her later! =) But not tonight cause they are asleep like little angels!!!

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Trinka said...

How sweet! I'm glad you had a good day!