Friday, May 2, 2008

Strange Encounter

Today I took the girls to go get the oil changed at the local dealership. It really was rather pleasant! I walked into the waiting room and saw an african american guy with low rider jeans with all sorts of stuff on them (chains etc.) and he was wearing a guitar. It was weird and my thought was "Great! This will be fun." He ended up being really nice. He talked to the girls about Curious George and played them a very quiet song on his guitar and then let THEM play it. Then just when I was thinking "Oh boy, now he won't stop talking." He did! It may not make much sense to read but it was neat. It was a neat reminder not to judge by looks and that their ARE people who do not mind being in a VERY small room with wiggly little girls. It got our morning off to a great start! We also spent about 2 hours out by the pool and got to see my husband for a few brief moments! YEA!


Trinka said...

How cool is THAT! :) I'm so glad it went well!

Anonymous said...

A pleasant surprise! It made a
yucky errand fun.
Hope your weekend is good. Give the girls a hug for me.