Monday, May 19, 2008

Magnificent Monday

We have no plans at all for this whole week, so I woke up with a feeling of ho-hum. Wondering what the day would hold. We hit the gym and I ran a few miles. It felt great and I worked up a real sweat. Then my phone rang and it was one of my new friends here. She invited me and the girls to come over. There ended up being a total of 5 ladies and 11 kids! The kids were all under age 9! We ate lunch in her apartment and then hit the pool for around 4 hours!!!! WOW! We are all exhausted now! The girls had a blast! Now they are sound asleep and I will not be far behind them!!
The best news day closer to my husbands return!

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Anonymous said...

Maybe we can take your mind off it some when we come down. Can't wait to see you and the girls!