Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hanging in here

I am still down in the dumps but did get to talk to my husband tonight. Tomorrow night I will either see him for a few minutes or talk to him again. Plus if I see him I will get to take him some homemade granola. He was really upset to hear the news about Memorial Day. He has worked so hard, they all have, and he was mad. However, it is out of our hands and all we can do is pray. I am really emotional right now though and we could both use prayers. Plus his ear is hurting, so please pray he will feel better.
I don't really have any happy news like usual, but tomorrow is one day closer to the end of this part of his training! I will focus on that and try and get some sleep!


Trinka said...

I hope tonight's visit is a blessing. (home-made granola sounds mighty nice!) :)


Anonymous said...

Hope his ear is better.
Give yourselves and the girls a hug for me.